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Hi, Festividder! You're wonderful! Here's some stuff about the stuff I like!

In general I love every kind of music and every kind of vid, including experimental or unusual or otherwise non-standard styles (of both music and vids). I love overvidded mainstream pop, I love spoken word and ambient sound collages, I love country and hip-hop and folk and rock and classical and gospel and every dang thing. Culturally/period-appropriate music and/or outside source is great, if you want to do that; a complete mood/style mismatch is also great. Happy fluff, dark comedy, fluffy comedy, grimdark angst, constructed reality/AU vids as long as there's still some connection to the original source: everything. I like everything.

So that doesn't give you much to work with, but also, you can't possibly go wrong! :D? :D? I only have one music preference/restriction, which is that if you're vidding The Runaways or Kristen Stewart RPF, I'd prefer a female vocalist (or instrumental). Otherwise--I really can't think of any hard and fast requirements or dislikes; I've found at least one exception to every musical/stylistic/etc. rule I ever thought I had. It's your vid! You know best what it needs.

I've tried to suggest specific ideas and characters, but I really love every character. (There's a couple romantic pairings I'm less into (noted below), but even in those cases I adore their friendship.) So if your heart cries out to vid someone or something I didn't mention, then vid that thing, and I will adore it, because you made it for me and that's awesome.

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Hi, Festividder! I'm reproducing my original requests here, along with various other thoughts that have occurred to me in the last few days. Oh, and as far as music, I like just about everything, especially in vid form.

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