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Here's everything I've made that I actually don't mind people looking at, organized by year because there's not that much of it.

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I finally caught up on Black Sails s4 and realized: now I can make the Max and Eleanor vid I've wanted to make since season three! So I did.

(Hopefully unnecessary but I know fandom disclaimer that I really, really adore both characters, and nothing contained in this vid should be interpreted otherwise.)

Also let me tell you, making a vid about two characters who spend 95% of their time onscreen talking is not as easy as it sounds. Oh my god, the talking.

Title: Celebrity Skin
Artist: Hole
Fandom: Black Sails
Character(s): Eleanor, Max
Size: 193 MB/116 MB
Content notes/warnings: blood/injury, violence against women, a very brief clip from an attempted rape scene, NSFW sexual content. No other standard warnings apply. If you need to know about anything else, just ask. (Also contains major season 4 spoilers.)
Summary: It better be worth it.

Download 1080p
Download 720p

Also on Tumblr and AO3

Black Sails - Celebrity Skin from some_stars on Vimeo.

password: blacksails

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So a little over a year ago I made a Dark Angel vid solely for my own amusement, and it turned out pretty good. There was one clip--an important clip, probably the most important clip--that I just could not get to come out in anything but the most abysmal, muddy quality, no matter what I tried, so I didn't post it, resolving to fix this issue somehow, someday. I now accept that that's never going to happen, so here's the vid, bad clip and all. But the rest of it is pretty good! (Well, the overall quality isn't great because the show is from 2001. But you know. Pretty good.)

Title: Stuck to You
Artist: Nikka Costa
Fandom: Dark Angel
Size: 55 MB
Content notes/warnings: No standard warnings apply. If you need to know about anything else, just ask.
Summary: Max and Alec: best friends forever.

Download here

Also on AO3

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THE CLAIRE VID, it's only been an entire year I've been working on this. Here it is finally, because Claire Novak is the most important and deserves all the vids and I love her SO MUCH. Thanks to Cecilia and Taylor for inspiration, encouragement, betaing, and having so, so many feelings.

Title: Storms Were Mine
Artist: Girlyman
Fandom: Supernatural
Size: 94 MB
Content notes/warnings: blood/injury, violence against women, a very brief clip from the attempted rape scene, parental death, decapitation, general show-level violence. No other standard warnings apply. If you need to know about anything else, just ask.
Summary: I can't believe it could be all mine.

Permanent download not available but I'm happy to upload a temporary link for you, just ask!

Also on Tumblr and AO3

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hi! i'm alive. i'm alive on tumblr mostly, and also twitter but that's locked and i suspect of very little interest to anyone. i'm back in texas with nothing to show for the past two years except half a degree that i'll never finish, a semester of student teaching in a state i'll never live in again, two pairs of winter boots and a gorgeous tailored wool coat i can no longer wear, an even deeper hatred for gigantic gulf coast roaches, and the absence of most of my books because i couldn't get everything mailed back in time. my life is a fiery ruin, i'm fairly certain i've developed a substance abuse problem, i'm reading a lot of shitty ff.n fic for a show that went off the air thirteen years ago, and i'm probably going to spend my 31st birthday inducing seizures in my brain. but at least the sun won't be setting at 4 PM this winter, so i guess that's a plus.

anyway i'm not returning to DW or anything (although i still read my flist every day), know. i'm alive, more or less. i hope you are also alive, and at least slightly less miserable than me.

(edited to add: the link to my tumblr is in my profile but please be warned it contains a lot of triggery mental illness content (depression, suicide, self harm, substance abuse). it's pretty much all tagged but that only works if you see the posts on your dash and you have some kind of tumblr blacklist app installed, so if you don't, please take care/check the "about" page first.)
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but especially download these three beautiful festivids made for ME because i am the luckiest woman in the world:

Dolores (Syberia) by [personal profile] eruthros

Do It Like a Dude and Goes Like This (RPF - Kristen Stewart) by [ profile] rhea314

i'm going to watch them forever and ever and ever and EVER.


Jan. 31st, 2015 04:49 pm
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so this year i got THREE (3) VIDS, because i continue to be the luckiest person in the world (i got two vids each of the last two festivids i did before this, i still have no idea why i have been so blessed). and they're all from sources i didn't expect at all and they're SO FANTASTIC and you should all watch them immediately.

first there are the TWO Kristen Stewart RPF vids, both of which are a delight with perfect music choices and an amazing variety of footage all of it featuring Kristen Stewart's perfect perfect face doing all kinds of perfect things: Do It Like A Dude and Goes Like This

then there is the Syberia vid--THE SYBERIA VID, the fucking Syberia vid that i request every single year and never ever actually expect anyone to match on, much less make, much less make this spectacularly: Dolores

and this vid wasn't made for me, but whoever made it was pinch-hitting for me after i defaulted late and they made sure my recipient got a gift with only a few weeks left, so therefore they're my personal hero this year, PLUS it's a gorgeous beautiful sweet Saving Face vid that i could watch a hundred times and still want more: She Keeps Me Warm

i still have so many vids to watch and so much feedback to leave (including...a couple of these, i accidentally locked myself out of my computer all afternoon and my brain is really not on right now and also i suck), and so many wonders await me, but all four of these vids are magnificent and i'm so happy they all exist and you should all go watch them, right now. watch them a lot.
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yeah, it's all Supernatural fic. sorry. i didn't do much this year, what with all the crazy. and by "all" i mean two, because most of my SPN WIPs are recent and i haven't yet given up hope. but one of these is from a year ago, and one's newer but would require way too much work to set it up, for far too little reward, and i care about it less than any of the other six stories i have going, so, nope.

first: the file that was originally titled "SPN FIC WHYYYYY.docx" and is now "dean is bisexual the story the journey the life.docx": this was going to be this whole big twenty-year-spanning story about dean discovering that there are other communities of hunters besides the one he came up in and knows. like for instance the communities formed by all the trauma-victims-turned-hunter who AREN'T straight white men, and in particular queer communities. i had so many notes for this and it was going to be very meaningful and have an arc and all kinds of stuff but in the end all i actually generated was this scene, which still has [[NOTES TO SELF TO FIX STUFF]] in it, because i gave up. it also has me, as usual, setting everything in and around houston whenever possible because this stupid fandom and its stupid nomadic characters requiring stupid research, ugh. also because where the fuck are all the latinos on this show, i mean, i know, wrong place to go for even the most basic level of "don't brutally murder your few occasional COCs" much less demographically correct representation, but seriously, the fuck, the U.S. does actually extend to latitudes south of 40.

content notes: use of homophobic slurs by POV character/sympathetic protagonist, plus another character. also it's SPN preseries fic so therefore child neglect & emotional abuse.

the story was gonna end with dean, sam, and cas meeting one of these guys again 20 years later and dean apologizing and getting to KNOW him and it would be so literarily satisfying and stuff )

next up: much more recent, because i ran across the idea of newly human castiel being totally fucking freaked out by having a nightmare and not even realizing what it was (in this amazing fantastic incredible fic), and i thought: that is delicious and i want more of it. more new human cas nightmares, more dean holding him, more more more more yes please. and then naturally i went and made it all miserable.

and it requires much prefatory matter )

check back this time next year for possibly tens of thousands of words of unfinished SPN fic, although hopefully not? or at least not these current tens of thousands i'm working on right now. because they're all pretty great. also FYI, i'm still gonna post finished fic here and to AO3, but if you like SPN then this tag will get you any other fic-like/unfinished/otherwise not quite postable stuff i produce. which currently means some BDSM porn and two pieces of ridiculous future-fic fluff. one has a saber-toothed tiger in it! :D? :D?
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This is not the vid I expected to be making this November (or ever), but then I found out Mara's birthday was in three weeks and it's SO RARE for me to share a fandom with a friend on their birthday and be capable of making a thing, so I pretty much had to. Actually it took me four weeks but I think that's still pretty good time.

(This looks kind of crappy bc it's the last vid I made on my old computer that couldn't handle HD so I had to use tiny avis that do not do justice to the majesty of the subject.)

Title: A Thousand Suns
Artist: Tom McRae
Fandom: Supernatural
Size: 90 MB
Content notes/warning: Fast flashing lights and quick cuts; blood. No standard warnings apply. If you need to know about anything else, just ask.
Summary: How to stand up. (Castiel & Dean/Castiel, seasons 4-5)

Download available on request!

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Hi, Festividder! You're wonderful! Here's some stuff about the stuff I like!

In general I love every kind of music and every kind of vid, including experimental or unusual or otherwise non-standard styles (of both music and vids). I love overvidded mainstream pop, I love spoken word and ambient sound collages, I love country and hip-hop and folk and rock and classical and gospel and every dang thing. Culturally/period-appropriate music and/or outside source is great, if you want to do that; a complete mood/style mismatch is also great. Happy fluff, dark comedy, fluffy comedy, grimdark angst, constructed reality/AU vids as long as there's still some connection to the original source: everything. I like everything.

So that doesn't give you much to work with, but also, you can't possibly go wrong! :D? :D? I only have one music preference/restriction, which is that if you're vidding The Runaways or Kristen Stewart RPF, I'd prefer a female vocalist (or instrumental). Otherwise--I really can't think of any hard and fast requirements or dislikes; I've found at least one exception to every musical/stylistic/etc. rule I ever thought I had. It's your vid! You know best what it needs.

I've tried to suggest specific ideas and characters, but I really love every character. (There's a couple romantic pairings I'm less into (noted below), but even in those cases I adore their friendship.) So if your heart cries out to vid someone or something I didn't mention, then vid that thing, and I will adore it, because you made it for me and that's awesome.

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hey so i don't remember if i ever announced it over here, but along with living on tumblr these days i also live on twitter, where i am (unsurprisingly) some_stars. it's locked but i'll approve all follower requests from anyone i recognize. i will almost certainly not follow anybody back until june, because i have a genuine pathological and life-disrupting compulsion to backread every single post on my twitter feed and my tumblr dash, so until school is out i'm keeping them trimmed tight. but come summer i'll be able to have more than ten friends again! for three months at least! i'm really looking forward to it.

my twitter content has settled into being about 40% fandom of the moment blather (currently captain america), 40% typical twitterish what-i-did-today-by-some_stars-age-29 nonsense, and 20% late night depressionals. although i should warn y'all, when this current mad rush of panic and school shit settles i'll be catching up on SPN and god only knows what depths i will once more descend to.

anyway so yeah, if anyone around here is still interested in my life then twitter is 50% of the place to be. and now you know.
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i did not intend to stay up until almost 3 am tonight writing a poem, but life is full of surprises. this is basically a loose rewrite of the first choral ode (but the second choral poem-type thing? IDEK anymore) from Antigone, around line 340 or so in the Greek--"Many marvels walk through the world, / Terrible, wonderful, / But none more than humanity". Mostly based on my Braun translation, though I looked at a couple others. Not remotely based on the Greek, which I am no longer able to read, alas.

What Men Can Do )
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i saw cap 2 FINALLY and it was SO GREAT and i'm SO HAPPY with EVERY SINGLE PART OF IT. i will make another post soon with details and spoilers and a cut tag but i just. omg. omggggggggggggggggggggg
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guys guys guys YOU GUYS

[personal profile] thuviaptarth has made the MCU vid of my dreeeams, probably because it was for an auction and i explained those dreams to her in lengthy detail. which makes the whole thing even more awesome, really. it's extremely critical in every sense of the word and also just beautiful. go watch it and say things, it's so great, go go go
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sooo i think i've pretty much entirely decamped for tumblr at this point. i mean i still read my flist every day but i just....don't post things here, apparently. i'm sorry! i didn't want to be that person! tumblr is the worst and now i'm part of the problem. --has it seriously been less than a month since i last posted, my life is 100% different now, it should have been at least six weeks.
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sorry for vanishing/total silence, but: i finished my incomplete work, i am no longer depressed more than ordinary, i am super high on sleep deprivation/caffeine/gross euphoria, and i love everybody <33333

developments since last post: what started as a furtive self-soothing measure to get through a few bad nights has turned into a brief and embarrassing renaissance, which is to say, i have two actual i-put-effort-into-this Supernatural fics in progress. and one really stupid crackvid. i can't help my id, OKAY :( castiel has been my comfort object since 2009 and i have accepted that's probably never going to change. but i'm still facepalming. just sitting here, listening to my id-vortexy dean/castiel FST--50% mumford & sons by volume plus richard marx, novelty country, miley cyrus, and an actualfax power ballad--and facepalming forever.

also in progress: a much less shameful vid to the Globe's filmed stage Doctor Faustus that was in theaters last winter. let's hope i finish that first. and i had a plan for some festivids treats, but ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa no. that did not happen. i'm like a month behind on Sleepy Hollow or possibly more now, two weeks behind on Almost Human, making absolutely zero progress on any of the legitimately good stuff from my to-watch list that spans the last two years of genre television. oh, and i found out my adorable nieces are in fandom, or at least they do the whole tumblr/fandom-type discourse about the tv shows they like, which idk if that indicates...actual fandom participation or if that's just how Kids Today experience television, idk. they have competing ships for Once Upon a Time, anyway. it was pretty fucking adorable. nieces are the best, you should get some if you don't already have them.
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I have now consumed everything in the Yuletide archive that it is possible for me to consume, except a few longer stories and all the Sleepy Hollow fics (all miiiillion of them) because I'm not quite caught up. This is sad because it means there's hundreds of stories I could be reading if only I'd kept up with my TV and media consumption over the last year, but good because omg I just spent an entire day Yuletiding and I am pretty tired. As the fruit of my labor, I bring you eight recs! First the one that has CHANGED MY LIFE, and then a cut. But they're all really excellent.

Get Up, and Go Forth (15344 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Kings
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jack Benjamin/David Shepherd
Characters: Jack Benjamin, David Shepherd, Lucinda Wolfson

Jack is well acquainted with failure.

So, a couple years ago I watched Kings, and I got really into it and then it HURT ME, like I seriously--there was damage. And I tried to fix it in a fic, but I couldn't, and I tried to fix it with a vid, but I couldn't, and it really upset me on a level way beyond "oh man, the ending really went off the rails, what a shame." That show fucking hurt me and I'm still really angry at it, and I still can't even deal. Like when there were some really great Kings vids for Festivids, I put off watching them for ages, then watched them, loved them, saved them, and have never been able to open them again. These are not the good feels we're talking about here, is what I'm saying. And this story healed me. It is exactly right and true, it's exactly what was needed, it's just really really good. The feedback I left was so embarrassingly effusive that it took up three AO3-size comments. This is the post-series Jack story of my heart forever, forever, forever, FOREVER. forever

more Kings, Almost Human, Cowboy Bebop, The Stand, The Dark Tower, A Place of Greater Safety )
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People Look East - Al Petteway & Amy White

So I was too crazy and busy and mostly crazy to upload my semi-usual selection of Christmas songs this year, and anyway this is an Advent song and therefore definitely too late, but since there's still technically time to listen to it on Christmas I am sharing. Almost every year I fixate on a particular traditional song, sometimes a particular rendition, and this song was everything to me for the past two months. (Even if they do add a bunch of extra and inferior verses, and make it less gender-neutral than the original.) I have sung it very quietly in public, walking down the street to the supermarket from the subway in the dark after a horrible horrible day, maybe not quietly enough but no one seemed to notice and I needed to not cry. I've sung it loudly at home while crying. So much traditional Christmas music is a metaphor for depression--for what you wish for, in a depression, knowing it'll never come--and what I needed more than anything over the last couple months, the last month especially, was to feel the way this song makes me feel.

(listen to it streaming at the tumblr version of this post)
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question, because i don't trust the internet: my netbook is finally dying, and as no one sells netbooks anymore, i need to find some kind of replacement laptop that's cheap and light and not a tablet. i am very, very tablet-averse, because in my experience i can't do what i need to do with a tablet. and of course all the new cheap laptops available are Windows 8 (or Chromebooks which: NO) and Windows 8 is designed for tablets and touching and blugh. But I would really rather get a new machine than something refurbished.

So, question: how much can you use Windows 8 like a normal, non-tablet computer? my specific needs usually involve having multiple documents from multiple programs all visible on the screen at the same time. and i need a normal filing/explorer system, where i can access files on their own, not just through an app. i also want the taskbar or something like it--not having to go back to a home screen every time i want to get something that's not currently onscreen. and i would really really rather use a trackpad than touch the screen.

do i have any hope? or should i go back to looking up refurbished old laptops from before the world went mad?
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1. thank you to everyone who made suggestions/solicited suggestions from others for short stories i can reference in my project!

2. i am going HOME tonight, or rather, back to texas, i don't actually have a home at this precise moment in my life, but it'll be nice to see my cat. and get away from the snow. jesus the snow it just won't stop snowing i will never survive until april.

ANYWAY, i will of course be computered up the entire time, but also working on my late final projects and catching up on some optional-but-looked-really-useful school reading, and hanging out with my mom, and planning what will hopefully be a super awesome super creepy vid to the Globe's recent Doctor Faustus. So, varying levels of hereness. I will definitely check in for Yuletide though. VERY EXCITED about Yuletide :D


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