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Dear Festividder

Hi, Festividder! You're wonderful! Here's some stuff about the stuff I like!

In general I love every kind of music and every kind of vid, including experimental or unusual or otherwise non-standard styles (of both music and vids). I love overvidded mainstream pop, I love spoken word and ambient sound collages, I love country and hip-hop and folk and rock and classical and gospel and every dang thing. Culturally/period-appropriate music and/or outside source is great, if you want to do that; a complete mood/style mismatch is also great. Happy fluff, dark comedy, fluffy comedy, grimdark angst, constructed reality/AU vids as long as there's still some connection to the original source: everything. I like everything.

So that doesn't give you much to work with, but also, you can't possibly go wrong! :D? :D? I only have one music preference/restriction, which is that if you're vidding The Runaways or Kristen Stewart RPF, I'd prefer a female vocalist (or instrumental). Otherwise--I really can't think of any hard and fast requirements or dislikes; I've found at least one exception to every musical/stylistic/etc. rule I ever thought I had. It's your vid! You know best what it needs.

I've tried to suggest specific ideas and characters, but I really love every character. (There's a couple romantic pairings I'm less into (noted below), but even in those cases I adore their friendship.) So if your heart cries out to vid someone or something I didn't mention, then vid that thing, and I will adore it, because you made it for me and that's awesome.

1. Syberia
It's highly unlikely we matched on this but I'm keeping hope alive, so here's a whole lot of excited text: I love Syberia SO MUCH. So so so much. I love the art, and the story, and the mythology, and the history, and the characters, and the way it really is more like a movie you work your way through than a game, and that's a *good* thing because it's AMAZING. I liked the first game more, and I think it stands alone better than it does as a first part of two, but there are some incredible moments in the second and of course all kinds of beautiful images, so feel free to make a vid about the entire two-game story, or just the first game, or something else, whatever. Anything at all will make me the happiest person alive.

My favorite thing about Syberia is how the story is so tied to geography and history. Actually this is part of why the sequel works less well for me--it's not really about the mammoths, any more than it's really about Hans. It's about the collapse and legacy of the Soviet Union and twentieth century Europe in general, and about Kate and how she changes as she gets more and more deeply entangled in that history, and in the lives and passions of the people she encounters (not just Hans and Oscar but all of them, Boris and Helena and the captain at the Barrockstadt wall and everybody else). I love the way the phone calls get more and more distant and meaningless, to us and to Kate, as seen in her changing reactions to the unfolding melodrama.

Which is not to say you shouldn't include the mammoths, of course; they're one of the central metaphors of the whole series. You can totally include them! And I don't want to discourage you from using the sequel, either. I just want to give you an idea of how I see the game and why I love it so much. The much shorter version of which is basically, "The unbearably gorgeous landscapes and architecture and everything they mean." But I don't do short versions, apparently. Anyway then I would have to add "and Boris and Oscar and Helena," and it would be less short, so.

(To blatantly contradict all this, one of the two sequences in Syberia 2 that make the game impossible to dismiss, for me, is the chapter that's a ghostly version of Hans's childhood. It's just so gorgeous and sad.) (The other one is when Oscar [redacted for anyone reading who hasn't played it].)

Some outside source here--historical, environmental, whatever--could be really interesting and I encourage it, if you want to!

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
I love everything about this show, except when it focuses on a Jake/Amy romance. I love them both! I love them being buddies! But I'm just really not into them together romantically, or the whole big drama of it on the show. Other pairings, canon or otherwise, are all fine by me. And every character is my favorite character. I guess if I HAD to choose, I'd go with Rosa, Gina, Holt, and Charles, but they are all perfect beautiful weird angels, every last one of them. Like even if you made a vid about Scully and Hitchcock I would be delighted. I'm sorry this isn't more helpful, I just have too many feelings about this show.

3. Happy Endings
My character feels for Happy Endings go in this order: 1.) MAX, 2.) Jane, 2a.) Jane and Brad, 3.) Alex 4.) Max again and also Jane again, 5.) everybody, and 6.) every friendship. That's something I really love about this show, that there's the big friend group but also so many different and distinct and special relationships within it. (Alex and Penny! Max and Jane! Alex and Max! Jane and Alex! Brad and Max! Dave and...I don't want to say v-necks but I can't not, I just can't. I'm sorry.) And really, whatever calls to you will be great; I love all their stupid faces forever. The only thing I'm not into is Alex/Dave romance, and only if it's the main focus--like if it appears because it's a thing that happened and is relevant to their lives, or in an ensemble vid or a vid about every time anybody on the show ever had sex or, you know, whatever, obviously that's totally fine. And I do think they're wonderful as friendly exes! A non-romantic vid about that would be super adorable.

Also if you just wanted to make a supercut of Max being partially or fully nude and just set that to music, I would not be disappointed. Just putting it out there.

4. Dead Like Me
I love everybody on this show. SO MUCH. Except George's dad, that guy can fuck right off. But everybody else ever, I would thrill to get a vid about. I'm particularly interested to see a vid about Rube, because Mandy Patinkin! And he's such an odd, compelling character. I'd also love a vid focusing on Roxy or George (especially if the latter includes Delores Herbig and/or Crystal, my secret favorites). And one of my favorite aspects of the show is how it follows Joy and Reggie after George dies; it's so rare to see family relationships between women treated so thoughtfully and respectfully and made important. So anything involving one or both of them would also be lovely. And needless to say, an ensemble vid would make my heart leap with delight. Or a Daisy vid! Or a Mason vid!! ...I'm missing the point of these notes, aren't I.

5. Monument Valley
I love the aesthetic experience of playing this game--the look and feel, the sounds, playing with shapes and space and relationships between them, and the gradual wordless revelation of the story that ends in not so much a climax as a release. (I'm sorry I can't think of a less suggestive way to say that. I really did try!) It's quiet and gentle but so, so powerful. I have no idea how it could be made into a vid, because it's so short, but absolutely anything would be great. Outside source is fine here. And while I'm happy with instrumental-only music for any of my requests, it might be especially suitable here? But definitely don't feel bound by that.

6. Legends of the Hidden Temple
I haven't watched this in almost 20 years and I still love it. Nothing could disappoint me. I don't have many suggestions because, twenty years, but what I remember enjoying in Nick game shows like this is equal parts genuine breathtaking suspense (I was like ten at the time and it was IMPORTANT), comedy (who had an actual job coming up with those rooms??), and delicious schadenfreude. Alternately, you could make a vid that takes the show very, very, very seriously. Serious business. "The Agony of Defeat" montage music. Or something else entirely; you really can't go wrong.

7. The Runaways
What I love: the sense of period, the music, the relationships between women. This movie is like I had a beautiful lady-dream and I woke up and it was real.

8. RPF - Kristen Stewart
I love Kristen Stewart. I love her. I love heeerrrrr, you could legitimately just show me a slideshow and hum over it and it would be my new favorite vid. If it weren't way too creepy I'd suggest shooping a photo of my face into a scene with her. But that's way too creepy. But I love her.

That said, it doesn't have to be just a "KSTEW UR BEST MARRY ME PLS" vid (although I'm totally okay with that). Especially if you use interview video and/or audio, maybe text from reviews, celebrity gossip sites, etc., there's all kinds of interesting places to go. [insert deep thoughts about feminism, hollywood, popular culture, sexuality, etc. that i'm too sleepy to come up with right now] So, you know, follow your heart. Your heart will lead you true. kristen stewaaaaaart