Nov. 6th, 2013

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So I'm poking around Amazon trying to find the cheapest menorah that won't set my apartment on fire--I have accepted that it's going to be hideously tacky and unpleasant, but I figure I might as well wait a few years until I can afford to buy a really nice one to have forever. So anyway, I'm just pulling up the ones under twenty bucks and reading the reviews, checking for any house-on-fire stories, and I find this:

Very traditional and a nice addition, especially if you have children. Affordable and it looks very nice. Will not replace grandmothers, but it is a good value for this item.

After staring at this for a full minute, I think it's an apostrophe issue, but I had to get through a few highly unsettling possibilities before this one occurred to me. ("Will not replace a receptacle for lit candles? omg 'Deborah M' WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR FAMILY.")


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