Oct. 5th, 2013

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A few days ago I made a post asking for help finding sources to make a vid about literacy for one of my education courses. Here is a brief (and final) update on that:

1.) You are all awesome and the greatest and I love you guys forever, omg.

2.) Having found a song (probably), I think I'm going to try to focus in on new media stuff, still very political, I'm having trouble articulating words today but basically: people taking control of texts. Elaborated as follows:

3.) People: especially young people, especially POC and people with disabilities and, to a somewhat lesser extent, women--anyone in some way oppressed by the traditional educational concepts of "literacy" and "writing" and the teaching thereof in schools.

4.) Taking control: creating, adapting, translating, remixing, subverting, rejecting, destroying. Both in school contexts and elsewhere.

5.) Texts: just about any kind of "created" communication (that can be distinguished as such in a two-second clip with no context). Computer/internet stuff for sure, but also video, audio (if there's like...microphones or speakers in the shot or something visible like that), drama, pictures and other visual art, and all kinds of writing and written text, both traditional (regular books, writing in a notebook) and subversive (text graffiti, zines, a million other things I can't think of right now).

6.) Also scenes of the exact opposite of all of the above, for the beginning of the vid—people being oppressed by texts and school.

So: if you didn't see the last post, or maybe this slightly more specific request brings something else to mind, or whatever, I would just really appreciate any movies/TV/any filmed viddable source whatsoever you can think of that fits any of the above criteria, even just one. I am super super grateful for everyone who's already offered suggestions or linked to my original request, and I promise this is the last post I'll make on the subject (at least that requests your involvement; as with any vid, I will probably whine about my own process endlessly). As before, signal-boosting is hugely appreciated! I promise this is the last time. *g*


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