Sep. 2nd, 2013

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The problem with roleplaying games as fandoms, at least in my incredibly limited experience, is that--okay, usually, I finish consuming and/or catching up on a source, and I am so full of feelings and I want stories about THIS and THIS and also THIS HERE, and I go and read all the stories and find people to talk to endlessly and very fast about my feelings and story ideas and so forth. And that is good and the circle of life and all as it should be. But now, I finished playing Dragon Age II, I'm experiencing that stage, I want the stories and most of all I want to TALK--but what I want to talk about is my specific semi-original character and all the feelings I made up for him to connect the deliberately sketchy lines canon provided. No one else cares about my Hawke feelings because they barely even qualify as fanfiction. They're just this dude I made up, with an assist from Bioware. But oh my god, I have feelings, and I really want to talk about them. Life is hard :( I might try to write post-game fic, but that's like a million times harder than writing during-game fic because [spoilers] so probably not, even though it's exactly what I should be doing with all these stupid feels.
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dragon age ii dudeslash: the journey: the life

(or, 24 pages into the AO3 Dragon Age category filtered for m/m, with running commentary.)

so much badfic so little time )


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