Feb. 5th, 2011

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WHY AM I LIKE THIS. I wrote 3300 words of id-pleasing fluff fic for a meme fill, and it was easy because I knew I'd be posting it anonymously, as you do on these things. So I didn't have to stress over making it absolutely perfect, and if the tone drifted, and I rushed over a few important paragraphs, and some parts didn't quite mesh with the rest, that was fine.

So I wrote it, and I posted it, and now of course my ego is screaming that no one will ever see it and I should post it properly, so everyone can (inevitably, of course) adore me. Which, ignoring the various massive character flaws involved in this thought process, I would totally do...but I can't, because it's not good enough. Thus am I caught, as usual, in a web of my own design.
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Title: Waking Up in Vegas
Artist: Katy Perry
Fandom: The Road to El Dorado
Size: 40 MB
Content notes/warnings: none
Summary: Shut up and put your money where your mouth is. Also, shake the glitter. (Made for [personal profile] actiaslunaris, for Festivids 2010-2011.)

Waking Up In Vegas from some_stars on Vimeo.

password: eldorado

Download available on request!

I...I think this song may have been too fast for me. I mean, I couldn't have chosen any other song, but...SO FAST. I'm not sure I managed to keep up. However, this vid does contain one of the sequences I'm most proud of in anything I've made so far, so I guess it worked out all right. Many thanks to [personal profile] actiaslunaris for giving me the chance to work on something so fun!
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Festivids reveals are up, yay! I made Waking Up in Vegas (link to downloadable/signed version), for [personal profile] actiaslunaris, and it was a stupid amount of fun. Even more fun will be watching the large downloadable versions of the insanely amazing vids (VIDS, TWO OF THEM, still not over that) made for me, Runaway (H:LotS) by Barkley and Hurt (Batman Beyond) by thatfangirl(scroll down for download link). Y'all should go watch them if you haven't already and leave feedback on how mindblowingly amazing they are.


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