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Here's everything I've made that I actually don't mind people looking at, organized by year because there's not that much of it.

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yeah, it's all Supernatural fic. sorry. i didn't do much this year, what with all the crazy. and by "all" i mean two, because most of my SPN WIPs are recent and i haven't yet given up hope. but one of these is from a year ago, and one's newer but would require way too much work to set it up, for far too little reward, and i care about it less than any of the other six stories i have going, so, nope.

first: the file that was originally titled "SPN FIC WHYYYYY.docx" and is now "dean is bisexual the story the journey the life.docx": this was going to be this whole big twenty-year-spanning story about dean discovering that there are other communities of hunters besides the one he came up in and knows. like for instance the communities formed by all the trauma-victims-turned-hunter who AREN'T straight white men, and in particular queer communities. i had so many notes for this and it was going to be very meaningful and have an arc and all kinds of stuff but in the end all i actually generated was this scene, which still has [[NOTES TO SELF TO FIX STUFF]] in it, because i gave up. it also has me, as usual, setting everything in and around houston whenever possible because this stupid fandom and its stupid nomadic characters requiring stupid research, ugh. also because where the fuck are all the latinos on this show, i mean, i know, wrong place to go for even the most basic level of "don't brutally murder your few occasional COCs" much less demographically correct representation, but seriously, the fuck, the U.S. does actually extend to latitudes south of 40.

content notes: use of homophobic slurs by POV character/sympathetic protagonist, plus another character. also it's SPN preseries fic so therefore child neglect & emotional abuse.

the story was gonna end with dean, sam, and cas meeting one of these guys again 20 years later and dean apologizing and getting to KNOW him and it would be so literarily satisfying and stuff )

next up: much more recent, because i ran across the idea of newly human castiel being totally fucking freaked out by having a nightmare and not even realizing what it was (in this amazing fantastic incredible fic), and i thought: that is delicious and i want more of it. more new human cas nightmares, more dean holding him, more more more more yes please. and then naturally i went and made it all miserable.

and it requires much prefatory matter )

check back this time next year for possibly tens of thousands of words of unfinished SPN fic, although hopefully not? or at least not these current tens of thousands i'm working on right now. because they're all pretty great. also FYI, i'm still gonna post finished fic here and to AO3, but if you like SPN then this tag will get you any other fic-like/unfinished/otherwise not quite postable stuff i produce. which currently means some BDSM porn and two pieces of ridiculous future-fic fluff. one has a saber-toothed tiger in it! :D? :D?
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so I wrote a thing!

Title: Long black night, morning frost
Fandom: Les Miserables
Pairing(s): Enjolras/Grantaire except not
Content notes: Explicit sex. No standard warnings apply; further questions are always welcome.
Summary: I'm still here, but all is lost.

Also available at AO3.

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Unfinished But Kind Of Good Fic I Wrote: now with teen wolves! And regular teens. But no regular wolves.

1. Scott/Stiles proto-kinky makeouts )

2. Scott/Stiles, sleepover that was supposed to get sexy but didn't )

3. Derek and Boyd, offscreen Erica/Isaac, filename: horrible wolfchild incest.docx )

Tragically, the huge epic pre-series Scott/Stiles fic that was going to express all my deep and intense feelings about them and their lives and their relationship and what they mean to each other and just, everything, is not only unfinished but too fragmentary to make much sense outside my head. This is what happens when I actually care about the story I'm writing: I start planning. Planning is the opposite of writing.

So that is the end of this year's WIPs, now set free to trouble me no more, clearing the way for another exciting and rewarding year of never finishing anything.
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More things I wrote and liked but didn't finish! And also didn't edit or clean up in any way besides replacing [[this sucks fix it]] and [[come back and add more when brain works]] with the somewhat more streamlined [[...]].

First (or technically second) up: Avengers!

1. Hard Limit, Bruce/Tony & Tony/Pepper (sequel to Emergency Pants) )

2. Every new leaf over, Steve/Natasha/Clint & Steve/Peggy/Bucky )

There was also a Natasha gangbang fic, which got far enough to be NC17 but stopped before any orgasms, but the reason I gave up on that was because it turns out writing hetero maledom D/s for public consumption makes me feel weird and uncomfortable for a variety of reasons (none of which include "it's not my kink," because it is, which is actually part of the problem). It's pretty excellent and I'm happy to email it to anyone who's interested, but I can't post it. Even though it includes the line, This 'gangbang,' as you call it, is a fine Asgardian custom. (Basically when I think "Thor" and "gangbang," my immediate mental image is the cup-smashing scene.)

This only had two items but Teen Wolf still gets its own post, because I feel like it.
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I realize there's still a month left to go, but none of these stories are ever going to happen and everything's closed today and I'm bored. So without further ado, in chronological order, Shit I Didn't Finish Writing But Thought Was Pretty Okay And Got Enough Of It Down To Share The Fragments With You, round...whatever, completely unedited and unpolished as usual. [[Explanatory notes]] about plot and stuff are in brackets. Also, wherever there's [[...]] it means I skipped a line or several because writing is hard, and then I never went back and filled them in because writing is hard. Okay, that was a certain amount of ado.

Tiger & Bunny: Barnaby is terrible at dating )

Okay, that was longer than I remembered so it gets its own post. Next up: Avengers! And probably Teen Wolf in the same post, I don't think any of that stuff was more than a few pages.
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Man, I don't even know what I'm doing anymore. I entirely blame this ficathon. Also this is very short and extremely emotional and I don't know how to feel about it.

Title: and you're trying to choke down the feeling
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing(s): Derek Hale/Isaac Lahey
Content notes: Makeouts and fade-to-black sex between an adult and a teenager, non-explicit mention of a past abusive relationship. No standard warnings apply; further questions about content are always welcome.
Summary: And you feel like you've done something terrible, and you're tired. He shouldn't be allowing this.

Written for the prompt, Derek/Isaac: "You're in a car with a beautiful boy, and he won't tell you that he loves you, but he loves you." The prompt, title, and summary are all from You Are Jeff by Richard Siken.

Also available at AO3.

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More Teen Wolf fic! Somehow this keeps happening to me.

Title: felt it in my fists
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing(s): Allison Argent/Lydia Martin
Content notes: Explicit sex between teenagers, light BDSM. No standard warnings apply; further questions about content are always welcome.
Summary: The first thing Lydia learns about Allison--this new Allison--is that she’s a total drill sergeant. (This story goes AU after 2x10 because fuck you, Jeff Davis, that's why.)

Also available at AO3.

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nor technically a chatfic, since it was done in email. but that is the general spirit of the thing.

okay, so, shortly after getting into Teen Wolf (ie, before 2x10 aired) I wrote most of a story that was supposed to be Scott/Stiles but ended up being "they kiss, feelings are fraught, then Stiles and his dad have some major emotions." Also I couldn't come up with a good beginning, and also also I misremembered a few details when writing it and so didn't feel like going back to fix them when the whole thing was jossed a thousand ways anyway. BUT, the main thing is, it contained the scene of my heart where Stiles, prompted by emotional extremity, grabs Scott and kisses him, and Scott is basically "...what just happened on my mouth" and Stiles immediately shuts down and shoves him away because he KNOWS the kind rejection is coming and he just cannot even deal.

So I didn't post that, but it remained in my heart, and then tonight I was talking to [profile] unlovablehands about ALL MY SCOTT/STILES FEELINGS ALL OF THEM, and I sort of...made a thing. It's basically a chatfic committed in larger chunks, and I wouldn't post it except it is fucking impossible to find Scott/Stiles in this fandom, so if you have enormous heart-consuming feeeeeelings about them, IDK, you might enjoy it. Also somehow me and Ang's headcanon about Stiles's proto-BDSM feelings found their way in there. (It's 100% canon-supported!) So, enjoy, or probably don't since most of you have quite sensibly avoided Teen Wolf.

Oh also there are BIG SPOILERS for 2x08 and 2x09 under the cuts. Pretty much all of them in the first paragraph actually.

the relevant portion of the unposted fic )

blather in email that gradually acquires a narrative )
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Of course this is the first Teen Wolf fic I finish. Of course. Why am I even surprised?

Title: Our bodies touch and the angels cry
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing(s): Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Content notes: Explicit sex between an adult and a sixteen-year-old. No standard warnings apply; further questions about content are always welcome.
Summary: "All signs seemed to point to Dude Virginity Loss Imminent." I'd say this story is for Ang, but that is a lie. It's totally for me.

Also available at AO3.

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Why not take some quick porn requests, I said. I'll just whip off a few sex scenes without any pesky setup or plot, I said. It'll be fun, I said. Which actually, it was. This one is for [personal profile] thingswithwings, which is why you may notice a line stolen from one of her fics. It's an homage.

Title: Emergency Pants
Fandom: The Avengers
Pairing(s): Tony/Bruce, background Tony/Pepper
Content notes: Rough sex, breathplay, S/M. No standard warnings apply; further questions are always welcome.
Summary: "Were you worried?" Tony says. "That's sweet. That is always so adorable when the big guy worries about me."

Also available on AO3.

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Happy new year! May it suck less!

I wrote a lot more this past year, relatively, but still very little, and most of my WIPs are 90% idea and 10% actual produced text. But some of that text is pretty nifty, and I like reading other people's abandoned WIPs, so here are a few bits and pieces--three XMFC and one Captain America. One of them contains the line "Charles didn't consider himself a homosexual," so you know you want to read this shit.

(I just realized that it didn't even occur to me to include my 15,000+ words of unfinished Glee fic in this post. I think that's healthy. It's like I've finally passed that weird foreign object I swallowed last year.)

I'm not posting the unfinished Alex/everyone [Alex/Armando] sex pollen gangbang fic because it's way too long, and also 100% pure untrammeled id--even more than usual--but if that sounds like something you'd enjoy (and you're willing to ride along with my emotional kinks--and sexual, but I think that's less of an issue--without concern for quality), you're welcome to it; just comment or e-mail me and a bunch of ridiculous porn will be yours.

1. Captain America, Steve/Bucky )

2. XMFC, Charles/Erik )

3. XMFC, Erik and Raven gen )

4. XMFC, a very very small amount of Raven/Charles pre-pegging, briefly explicit )
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but bearing a remarkably close resemblance, except for how it's much too short (just over 700 words) and not edited and I have made no effort whatsoever to ensure that it makes sense outside my own head. So I'm not posting it to comms or anything, but it's a semi-coherent story-like object and I made it so I'm putting it here. Also I want to clarify that this isn't any of the XM:FC ideas I've mentioned before (in fact it's the exact opposite of one of them), those all remain in-progress and probably much better than this.

Title: Sweet to serve, sweet to cry
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Pairing: Erik/Charles
Warnings:, this is not happy. More helpfully: discussion of consensual (and ultra-dysfunctional) non-consent.
Summary: How did it take him this long to understand what he wants?

Title is from Euripides' Bacchae, translated by William Arrowsmith. ...that's kind of a warning in itself, isn't it?

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Well, this isn't how I planned to spend my weekend. If this happens again I'm going to need a "fic: glee" tag. Then I'm going to need to assume a false identity. Out of shame.

Anyway, this is not the thing I was talking about earlier. This is just porn. Like, I feel kind of embarrassed to put an actual header on it, because seriously: just porn.

TITLE: Too magical to touch
RATING: adult
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Kurt, imaginary Finn/Kurt, imaginary Finn/OFC...see the summary, basically.
CONTENT NOTES/WARNINGS: none that I'm aware of; any questions about content are always welcome.
SPOILERS: through 2x10
SIZE: ~3700 words

SUMMARY: Written for this prompt: "Kurt finds Finn's very straight, very filthy porn, and is instantly aroused by the fact that Finn has looked at exactly this, and gotten off to it. Cue Kurt's first experience with using pictures of girls as a masturbation aid." This version is edited a bit from the one posted there.

notes )

story )
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TITLE: Darling, if you only knew
RATING: adult
CONTENT NOTES/WARNINGS: rape fantasy and homophobia--please see the notes, and if you have any other questions about content I'll be happy to answer them. Also contains implausibly sexually experienced teenagers.
SPOILERS: none, really--goes AU after season one but references a couple events of season two; see notes for timeline details.
SIZE: ~12,700 words

SUMMARY: Puck's pretty sure Kurt doesn't want rose petals.

notes )

story )
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TITLE: Water like a stone
RATING: all ages (slight kissing, no violence)
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Kurt/Blaine, Mercedes, assorted Hudmels
CONTENT NOTES/WARNINGS: internalized homophobia(and some external too). Any other questions about content/warnings are always welcome.
SPOILERS: For 2x10 (AVGC) specifically, and refers somewhat obliquely but significantly to 2x04 (Duets) as well. And for the whole series in general, of course.
SIZE: ~8500 words

SUMMARY: Kurt has trauma, Blaine has issues, and Christmas Eve day may or may not be a big moneymaker for family shows. (AKA, a fix-it fic for the Christmas episode that just got way out of hand.)
ALTERNATE SUMMARY: I they have so many feelings, oh god, so many

notes )

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here is a very little bit of grim ficlet what i wrote! because uh--i love Time War fic with Eight and Fitz all in love and bonding and brothers in arms and so forth, i love it A LOT? but i am also contrary and stubborn and tend to poke things until they break. so here is some unpleasant melodrama! with some rather dodgy sci-fi around the edges.

it's a war in here )

i might do more! or not! i find when i am depressed i want to write this kind of stuff, but that is also when it is most likely to come out shit, so WHO KNOWS. --wait, yes, I appear to be writing more *right now.* woot!

edit: updating as i go....

3 more little bits, and it is now officially so entangled in book canon as to be incomprehensible )
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...HI, I HAVE A STORY. omg. I believe it was last freaking yuletide that I last did this, I am slightly nervous. Also I am posting in an LJ entry instead of on my site for the first time and it feels *extremely weird.*

TITLE: That sometime did me seek
RATING: adult
SPOILERS: ahahahahhahaaaa uh, no.
NOTES: So, this is 100% PWP, established relationship with absolutely no justification. I promise to write something with artistic value and emotional development next time. For now, there is pr0n. Betaed speedily and with great skill by [ profile] brown_betty and [ profile] chopchica; any remaining areas of suck are where I disregarded them. The title is from this poem and is *entirely* too literary for pointless smut, but I couldn't resist. Feedback positive and negative=welcome and delicious!

With naked foot, stalking in my chamber )
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So, uh. There's this challenge going around where you kill your favorite character? And Ang was threatening to do it to Ted, via his heart condition, and then there was discussion of "well what if his heart gave out during sex, that would be amusing, yes?", and. Uh.

I wrote some haiku. )

(the relevant animation is here, and you must all watch it immediately.)


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