Sep. 11th, 2013

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also so hey guys

guess who has two thumbs and talked to a boy today

approximately three and a half billion people actually but ONE of them was me! aw yis \o/

so, it went extremely well and i did not excessively embarrass myself and i think we are now stage one friends (exchange phone and email, mutually agree that we should do a thing sometime). hopefully with the option to switch at some point to the makeouts-included service plan, but either way, a major achievement. i also talked to two girls, like all the way to the subway, which is not quite as big a step (and i think i made a huge social mistake at one point) but still, forward progress.

also this is really confirming for me that i need to just exclusively attempt to date people way more outgoing than me, both because it's less creepy (for me specifically, not as a general rule) and because they will totally do all the social work that gives me conniptions. "is this the moment where i offer my email? should i wait? is the conversation over? OH GOD RUN AWAY RUN AWAY"--not even a thing, he totally jumped right in there.


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