Aug. 24th, 2013

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I have been doing slightly better, insofar as today I did all the laundry and cleaned the kitchen a bit. I didn't finish cleaning it enough to start using it again, though. And the bathroom remains a horror unfit for mortal eyes. Mostly I played Dragon Age 2, basically all the last three days. Having seen more of it now, it's not as horrible as I expected, but that's almost more depressing, because it's just so badly thrown together and has so many wonderful ingredients mixed in with the blugh. If only whoever was in charge (EA? I don't know, the people who are in charge of terrible decisions) weren't such miserable gross jerks and the developers had had another couple years, it could have been the greatest thing ever. Mostly I'm super frustrated because now how am I supposed to experience all possible permutations of every relationship, romantic and otherwise, when I am pretty sure I won't want to play a second time much less an eighth or ninth?


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