Mar. 11th, 2013

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So I've been watching this new History Channel show Vikings, because the dude is in it who played Grantaire in Les Miserables and I've formed an attachment to his face, and also his character type in this show (monk at Lindisfarne kidnapped by Vikings) totally hits my buttons. Let me say up front: it is not a good show. There are way too many dudes and the writing is mediocre at best and when I'm watching on Hulu I switch to a different window for entire scenes at a time because they're so dull. But that stupid monk really does it for me. (I just wish I'd known that he wasn't in the first episode at all.) ANYWAY all of which is to say, here is another thing I posted on Tumblr that meets my length/coherence standards for crossposting, it is a short review of episode 3.

with spoilers obviously )


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