Feb. 8th, 2013

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I still haven't quite finished Les Mis, because the ending is turning out to be a big slog of everyone acting like dicks and then also some moral crises the fundamental principles of which are so alien to my own moral sense that I can't possibly get invested in or even respect them. To be fair I don't think Hugo intends for me to respect the terms, per se, but he clearly wants me to respect the crisis and it's just so stupid and wrong that I can't. Mostly it's the dicks, though, that are holding me back. (By which I 90% mean Marius but Valjean is not excused. Poor Cosette, what a pair of douchebags.) I'll get there, but ugh, what a letdown at the end of the literal greatest book ever written. Meanwhile I've been reading lots and lots of fanfic, mostly fanfic where dudes get it on because, well, yes, plus that's what was on AO3 in the bookfic category. But I'm open to recommendations of all kinds!

I've also been browsing the #les miserables tag on Tumblr, which is one of the lowest-quality and highest-traffic tags it has ever been my misfortune to sift through. I did find this food-allergy-themed parody of One Day More, though. That's something.
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It is very frustrating to be consumed by obsessive fannish love for a pairing you don't actually believe could ever happen. I keep trying to tell myself it's okay to just imagine it without coming up with a solid and in character rationale, but somehow that isn't as much fun as it should be.

Also frustrating: period fandoms! I don't write stuff that needs research, because I can't--research, or incorporate the research while writing--so Les Mis fic is completely out of the question for me, which does not stop my brain from incessantly tossing me lines. Lines about sad pining, because see above re: it would never ever happen.


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