Jan. 29th, 2013

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I'm going to have to slow down my Les Mis reading for a few days to read the book the kid I'm tutoring is doing in English, and then to catch up on a library book, and it is seriously distressing me. I honestly don't want to do anything else all day long but consume this thing. Even when I got bogged down for a while in the endless pages that are just top to bottom references to things I don't understand, like literally nothing but proper nouns and "the" and "is" and sometimes "Paris." For pages. It was rough.

But I survived, and I made it to the end of Marius's origin story. His crush on Napoleon! His precious little calling cards! His precious little everything, really. Precious and stupid, but he's what, eighteen or nineteen? So it's okay. I'd thought he was older, but then the book mentioned him turning seventeen and I had to recalculate. I'm currently stopped right before "The Friends of the ABC" because apparently my approach to helping myself delay gratification is to make the prospect of that gratification as enticing and immediate as possible. So yeah professional obligations or not I am totally going to read it tonight.


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