Jan. 1st, 2013

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Okay, I'm really going to need the randomly selected season five through seven Criminal Minds episodes I watch to stop guest starring the actors who portrayed my favorite queer male protagonists from my favorite criminal justice-related television shows associated with Tom Fontana. Which, I think after Lee Tergesen and now Kyle Secor we've pretty much covered the possibilities, but that's two in a row selected from a set of about six dozen, and that's weird.

I mean, I'm happy they're working! It's just very unsettling and specific. It'll probably be less weird this time since I'm pretty sure Secor isn't semi-reprising his Homicide role, but I get very set notions about actor's faces and where they should be appearing. It makes television hard for me. (I can survive the world of incestuous Canadian-filmed genre TV because the weirdness doesn't kick in unless one of their characters was a long-term lead on something I watched; multiple guest spots don't bother me.) (Also for some reason there's a CKR exception.) (I just tried to coin the word "Canadi-incestuous", but it doesn't work when you write it down.)


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