Jan. 4th, 2008

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Music: by the Indigo Girls
Fandom: Heroes
Character(s): Peter, Nathan
Spoilers: for all of season 2
Size: 52 MB
Notes: Oh, dear god. There are extensive and almost certainly boring notes following the links, which you are under no obligation whatsoever to read. The important part is that [livejournal.com profile] shati not only made this 1000% better than it would have been(and it would be a thousand times better still if I had the patience/ability to carry out all her suggestions), she pretty much enabled its existence at all by listening patiently to my Verbose and Artistic Angst.

Download: from Mediafire, or right-click-save to download from my website. You can watch it streaming at Imeem or Youtube.

further blather! )

As always, I welcome/beg for criticism. I'm still feeling my way around vidding generally, and I tried a lot of new things in this vid both narratively and technically, so if you have any thoughts of any kind I would be grateful to hear them. :)


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