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sorry for vanishing/total silence, but: i finished my incomplete work, i am no longer depressed more than ordinary, i am super high on sleep deprivation/caffeine/gross euphoria, and i love everybody <33333

developments since last post: what started as a furtive self-soothing measure to get through a few bad nights has turned into a brief and embarrassing renaissance, which is to say, i have two actual i-put-effort-into-this Supernatural fics in progress. and one really stupid crackvid. i can't help my id, OKAY :( castiel has been my comfort object since 2009 and i have accepted that's probably never going to change. but i'm still facepalming. just sitting here, listening to my id-vortexy dean/castiel FST--50% mumford & sons by volume plus richard marx, novelty country, miley cyrus, and an actualfax power ballad--and facepalming forever.

also in progress: a much less shameful vid to the Globe's filmed stage Doctor Faustus that was in theaters last winter. let's hope i finish that first. and i had a plan for some festivids treats, but ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa no. that did not happen. i'm like a month behind on Sleepy Hollow or possibly more now, two weeks behind on Almost Human, making absolutely zero progress on any of the legitimately good stuff from my to-watch list that spans the last two years of genre television. oh, and i found out my adorable nieces are in fandom, or at least they do the whole tumblr/fandom-type discourse about the tv shows they like, which idk if that indicates...actual fandom participation or if that's just how Kids Today experience television, idk. they have competing ships for Once Upon a Time, anyway. it was pretty fucking adorable. nieces are the best, you should get some if you don't already have them.