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fifty frenchmen can't be wrong ([personal profile] some_stars) wrote2013-12-25 12:26 pm

even the hour when wings are frozen

People Look East - Al Petteway & Amy White

So I was too crazy and busy and mostly crazy to upload my semi-usual selection of Christmas songs this year, and anyway this is an Advent song and therefore definitely too late, but since there's still technically time to listen to it on Christmas I am sharing. Almost every year I fixate on a particular traditional song, sometimes a particular rendition, and this song was everything to me for the past two months. (Even if they do add a bunch of extra and inferior verses, and make it less gender-neutral than the original.) I have sung it very quietly in public, walking down the street to the supermarket from the subway in the dark after a horrible horrible day, maybe not quietly enough but no one seemed to notice and I needed to not cry. I've sung it loudly at home while crying. So much traditional Christmas music is a metaphor for depression--for what you wish for, in a depression, knowing it'll never come--and what I needed more than anything over the last couple months, the last month especially, was to feel the way this song makes me feel.

(listen to it streaming at the tumblr version of this post)