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fifty frenchmen can't be wrong ([personal profile] some_stars) wrote2013-12-09 08:02 pm

Things I did today

1. Not nearly enough work :(
2. Wrote and performed eight lines of a rap battle between Odysseus and Penelope (I was Penelope) (it actually came out pretty fucking great, people cheered)
3. Finally snapped, slightly, and told off the horrible immature entitled useless worst member of my group project, which is otherwise composed of awesome people
3a. I mean not in so many words but I stopped cushioning and repressing my criticisms of her terrible ideas (mainly: refusing to have any) and behavior, it was all civil but I stopped being so careful to keep my tone light and end with questions and throw in the occasional self-deprecating remark and basically just told her some shit
4. Finished up and presented that group project, which also went pretty great
5. Made very slightly more progress towards fixing this hideous academic mess I'm in, at least procedurally
6. Fell even more grossly in crushlove with the classmate I adore and keep failing to ask out because we're both so horribly horribly busy
7. Wore lipstick
8. Just generally flailed around having feelings and talking really loudly and almost crying at the cash register at Whole Foods buying dinner because I'd put my wallet in my coat pocket and when I went to get it the zipper got stuck and there was a huge line and it was so noisy and awful
9. But the cashier fiddled with the zipper for me and fixed it and was super nice

It has been such a day, you guys, IDEK. I would like to take a few weeks off from feeling things.
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[personal profile] lilacsigil 2013-12-10 03:36 am (UTC)(link)
Awesome! Except for having to do group projects and noisy grocery stores. But I'm glad things are moving forward.