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VID: White Cedar (Les Miserables)

I really should have waited for the DVD, but at least it's only one minute long so it won't be hard to remaster. Also, I made this using the 2012 movie, but it's actually a vid of the book characters. I realize this is a silly and meaningless distinction to make in a visual format but that is my prerogative as an Artist.

Title: White Cedar
Artist: The Mountain Goats
Fandom: Les Miserables (2012)
Size: 50 MB
Content notes/warning: None that I'm aware of; questions are always welcome.
Summary: I don't have to be afraid. (Or: [personal profile] some_stars has more Grantaire feelings, always more)

Download from Mediafire or Sendspace

password: grantaire


Like a star come down to walk the Earth in radiant array
I saw the light of my spirit descend the other day
I was standing by the bus stop on north East 33rd
When I got the word

I will be made a new creature
One bright day
I don't have to be afraid
Speed that day on its way
And you can't tell me what my spirit tells me isn't true, can you?
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Oh *R*. :CCCC

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awww i loved this. beautiful editing, ALL ABOARD THE FEELS EXPRESS

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this is the only name I use across more than one platform! :P (here and twitter.) I like to be unfindable...just in case. :P