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ABOUT THE ASPECT RATIO: apparently when VLC opens this file, it assumes it's 4:3 aspect ratio when in fact it's 2:1. neither windows mediaplayer, mediaplayer classic, nor gomplayer do this. so....i'm deeply confused and unhappy, but if you're watching it in VLC, go to the Video menu and change the aspect ratio to "221:100" and it should be about right. this is either my fault for converting to square pixels too soon, or premiere's fault for making me. not sure. :/




Music: The Mountain Goats
Fandom: Iron Man
Character(s): Tony Stark
Spoilers: movie and some of the deleted scenes from the DVD
Size: 80 MB
Notes: thanks to [ profile] unlovablehands for watching and saying helpful things. Comments both positive and negative are, as always, welcomed.

Download/streaming links:
at megaupload
at Youtube


the reception's gotten fuzzy
the delicate balance has shifted
put on your gloves and your black pumps
let's pretend the fog has lifted

now you see me
now you don't
now you say you love me
pretty soon you won't

if we get our full threescore and ten,
we won't pass this way again
so kiss me with your mouth open
turn the tires toward the street
and stay sweet

all the chickens come on home to roost
plump bodies blotting out the sky
you know it breaks my heart in half, in half
when I see them trying to fly

'cause you just can't do
things your body wasn't meant to
hike up your fishnets
I know you

if we live to see the other side of this,
I will remember your kiss
so do it with your mouth open
and take your foot off of the brake
for christ's sake

Hmm. I don't know if I have much to say about this one. I think it's the first vid I've done where the special effects are meant to be really up-front and consciously visible and playing an active role, so hopefully I didn't screw that up too bad. Also it's the first time I've ever vidded a movie, or with deleted scenes. Mainly the big challenge was with the music, because the beat (such as it is) is INSANE and RIDICULOUS, which is exactly why I liked it for this vid but also what makes it haaaaaard. Lots of internal motion, lots of trying to balance between hitting every note/matching every motion and letting the viewer's eyes rest for a second.

Probably the most interesting thing is that my first and most compelling/motivating image for this vid, from the very beginning, was matching the line "kiss me with your mouth open" to one of the two or three sequences where the suit SWALLOWS HIM ALL UP. because I'm a little robosexual sometimes. --oh, a credits sequence, that's the other thing I learned for this. I did animations in Photoshop and dozens of hand-randomized keyframes and learned how to import .psd files into Premiere and it was all very educational. \o/ Oh and if anyone else with Premiere 2 likes the static effect, I will happily explain it, as it's really ridiculously simple(combination of two different Noise effects). That's pretty much it, I'm just SO FUCKING HAPPY to be finishing and posting something after having spent the whole of 2008 so far working on four other vids that have yet to see the light of day(and one probably never will, aaarrrgh).