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VID: "On Your Wings" (Doctor Who)

On Your Wings

Fandom: Doctor Who (classic)
Music: Iron & Wine
Size: 40 MB
Summary: Every road takes us farther from home. Ace's journey.
Notes: A whole lot of people helped me with this one, though I wasn't able to take all their advice. Thanks to all of you. Lyrics and further notes inside.

Download: Megaupload
Streaming: Youtube


God, there is gold hidden deep in the ground
God, there's a hangman who wants to come round

How we rise when we're born
Like the ravens in the corn
On their wings, on our knees
Crawling careless from the sea

God, give us love in the time that we have

God, there are guns growing out of our bones
God, every road takes us farther from home

All these men that you've made
How we wither in the shade
Of your trees, on your wings
We are carried to the sea

God, give us love in the time that we have

So this was an exercise in two things: 1.) blatant symbolism and 2.) terrible, terrible quality of source material. It's kind of tragic--if these episodes had been made with modern standards, you could make two gorgeous vids out of Fenric and Survival each, by themselves. As it is, I was kind of forced to make a slower, more contemplative vid for sheer lack of stuff to work with. But what there is, is AMAZING. Ace's episodes are incredibly rich with visual symbolism--there's the obvious ice/fire imagery of Dragonfire, where she comes out of her frozen dormancy; the water motif in Fenric and the fire in Survival, both of which deal with different aspects of her sexuality/coming of age. And even the episodes without an obvious symbolic theme have amazing visuals--the only reason I didn't harvest like half of "Greatest Show in the Galaxy" is because the directing made it impossible to use; the only reason there's not about five times more Ghostlight in this is because so much of it was too dark.

And then there's also the issue of the image quality itself--I have to say, I don't recommend watching this fullscreen. I took as much as I could from DVD, but nobody is ever going to release Dragonfire on DVD (and, I mean, they're probably right that nobody besides me would buy it *g*) so there are quite a few clips that are mostly likely originally from aging videotape. There's not much I could do about that, sadly.

As always, comments/feedback are greatly appreciated. Previous vids can be found here.

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