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hey so i don't remember if i ever announced it over here, but along with living on tumblr these days i also live on twitter, where i am (unsurprisingly) some_stars. it's locked but i'll approve all follower requests from anyone i recognize. i will almost certainly not follow anybody back until june, because i have a genuine pathological and life-disrupting compulsion to backread every single post on my twitter feed and my tumblr dash, so until school is out i'm keeping them trimmed tight. but come summer i'll be able to have more than ten friends again! for three months at least! i'm really looking forward to it.

my twitter content has settled into being about 40% fandom of the moment blather (currently captain america), 40% typical twitterish what-i-did-today-by-some_stars-age-29 nonsense, and 20% late night depressionals. although i should warn y'all, when this current mad rush of panic and school shit settles i'll be catching up on SPN and god only knows what depths i will once more descend to.

anyway so yeah, if anyone around here is still interested in my life then twitter is 50% of the place to be. and now you know.