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VID: No More Sad Songs (Donald Strachey Mysteries)

This was a last-minute Treat and I was in a big hurry, so this version has been improved somewhat from the unsigned one. So if you liked it you should watch it again, it's better now!

Title: No More Sad Songs
Artist: Pierce Pettis
Fandom: The Donald Strachey Mysteries
Size: 60 MB
Content notes/warnings: None that I'm aware of; questions are welcome.
Summary: Everybody wants to hear the sad ones. (Made for [personal profile] thingswithwings for Festivids 2012.)

No More Sad Songs from some_stars on Vimeo.

password: donald

Download from Mediafire.

Not going on the road no more
Let some other fool sing these songs
Let some other guy take my place
I've done this for too long
Done this for too long

I have given them twenty-odd years
They took the best years of my life
And all I got to show for all this
Is songs that make you cry
Songs that make you cry
But there'll be

No more sad songs
No more sad songs
No more sad songs
No more sad songs

Sing the one about the guy that lost his true love
Play the one about the girl he left behind
Everybody wants to hear the sad ones
Everybody wants to hear the sad ones
And for the life of me
I don't know why

What the hell did I ever do
To deserve to be loved by you
Sweetest music there could ever be
Is standing next to me
Standing next to me

And we'll sing

No more sad songs
No more sad songs
No more sad songs
No more sad songs

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