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...and, the Real Vid! Which I finished over a week ago, I've just been waiting on the music to arrive. (And there probably will be another one next week, or maybe two weeks from now. And then I will slow down. Probably.)

or, Adventures in Reading Against the Text

Music: "Jack the Giant Killer," The Nields
Fandom: Heroes
Size: 52.5 MB
Notes: Much love to [ profile] unlovablehands for watching about eighteen minutely-different versions of this and repeatedly validating me, and to [ profile] shati for a ridiculously brilliant beta. Parts of which I ignored eventually, due to being An Artiste, but I assure you any crappy parts that are left, she did her best to stop.
Feedback: Yes oh yes, ESPECIALLY technical flaws--I am so n00b--and anything else good or bad.
Warnings: rape, violence against women, gore

Download: here at Mediafire, or stream at Imeem and/or Youtube. REMASTERED VERSION AVAILABLE HERE.

I realize that as the Author, I am officially Dead, but even so I would be very grateful and, er, less tense if you would read the nattering-on below, before or after watching.

Basically: this is a constructed-reality vid. The clips do not mean here what they mean on the show. There is simply no way to vid this song for this fandom without taking footage out of context. The Niki clips are the most flagrant examples--

In context, when Niki kills her rapists, she experiences it as another violation, as things done to/with her body without her knowledge or consent. In context, she's only allowed to exercise any self-protective power by re-violating herself over and over. In context, she beats up the man who threatens her in the elevator...and then goes and submits to another rape, as ordered. In context, Niki's glorious culminating moment of finally being able to integrate her mind and access her strength willingly to take part in the Final Battle is followed less than a second later by: Dad needs you. Go take care of your family. In context, Niki's integration doesn't mean a damn thing, because next season she gets the exact same plot over again.

You have to deliberately read it wrong. And I want to, because I did make this out of love for these women and I did get teary while editing parts of it, and--I wanted to make THIS vid, the happy vid, the triumphant vid. But I know I have to lie to do it.

(About Claire too, and even Monica, and all the other women for whom there wasn't even anything that looked good and could be taken out of context.)

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