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My Old Man Had a Pistol

Music: by The New Amsterdams
Fandom: Heroes
Spoilers: through 2x09
Character(s): Matt Parkman
Size: 52 MB
Notes: much thanks to [ profile] kuwdora for getting me to actually THINK about some of the clip choices that I had thrown on in a stream-of-consciousness haze. And to [ profile] unlovablehands, as usual, for watching/responding to an excessive number of drafts.

NOTE THE SPOILERS. (added for extra audience safety!)

Download: at Mediafire, or streaming on Imeem or Youtube.

There is further technical blathering and Artistic Nonsense below, which you are all ENTIRELY excused from reading. *g*

I realize that this is the equivalent of "LOL u guyz i wrot this last nite it tottaly suxx r/r pls!!1" but, well. If I were a better person, I would wait to upload this until it was PERFECT, but finals are imminent and then I'm leaving town and I just really need to give my brain permission to DO OTHER THINGS for a while. I am happy with it, which is why I'm allowing myself to post, but there are some continuing technical issues that have been bugging me and which I have no idea how to fix:

1. WHY do random tracks--sometimes with the speed changed, sometimes not--develop those weird white streaks that look like a VHS tape with slightly bad tracking?
2. WHY do etc etc see above get slightly pixelated and jumpy while others do not? (Not the clips from season 2, those are just lower quality since we don't have DVDs to rip yet.)

I suspect this goes back to how I'm pulling clips in vdub, which I will have to investigate and possibly change, which makes me CRY because it took me literally all summer to figure out how to do that. ART IS HARD.

Onnn which note--tech issues aside, I am definitely trying some new stuff here and I'm not sure if it works. This vid leans a LOT more heavily on images and repetition to carry the thread, and is much less narrative, although I still ended up much more tied to the linear storyline than I expected. So, you know. Feedback that is either "...WHAT >:(" or "I C WHAT U DID THAR" or anything in between would be delighted in.

Right, I will shut up now and let y'all watch the damn thing. STAY GOLD PONYMATT.

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