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adventures in re sarah jane

i held off on watching new sarah jane until i could watch both episodes, as i have no patience for cliffhangers anymore. ABSOLUTE DELIGHT, as always--Rani's parents are marvelous and the show is two for two so far on excellent dad characters--although I do hope they don't start an unhappy mom pattern; the implication that Sarah Jane is the only adult female with a brain in her head is very distressing. BUT, BUT. Luke utterly torn up by Maria leaving because she's GONE and it's all NEW to him, it's every first loss all suddenly at once. I actually rather liked getting a chance to see him being a bit more mopey and offputting than usual(just a bit!), it makes him feel more real. i loved that the script put him and Rani together--his exasperated confusion was just TOO ADORABLE, and he was so facepalmingly heavy-handed about trying to dissuade her that it egged her on more.

in re Clyde apparently this is the season of CLYDE IS AWESOME, ALL MUST ADORE HIM, and i am 100% on board with this agenda. for a kids' show, SJA has a ridiculous number of layers--that brief but POINTED moment when the clown talks about Clyde's mother missing him, that was lovely. and his growing friendship with Sarah Jane, which is just as full as yet completely different from her friendship with Maria and her love for Luke--it seems with Sarah Jane the slow burn relationships are maybe, not deeper, but--there's a peculiar and lovely intimacy between her and Clyde (not like THAT, except in certain fanfics I wouldn't mind reading), the way they exchange grins outside the circus museum, the low-key unspoken communication. whereas with Maria, SJ attached basically immediately and the affection and love and confidence was always vocal and explicit and more, hmmm. intense, perhaps? not MORE, but pitched higher. something.

being easy, I of course adore Rani already, because I love everyone. i am a bit nervous though--the relationship between Sarah Jane and Maria was the heart and foundation of the show; Luke and Clyde were crucial obviously but the fictional universe sort of revolved around Maria and SJ's connection, the fact that Sarah Jane had, as she says, found someone for the second time. and they had SUCH chemistry and, and, I MISS HER. D: obviously I'm more than ready to grow immoderately fond of Rani, and i'm quite interested to see how Sarah Jane's relationship with her develops, and I am LOVING LOVING LOVING the Clyde/Rani--such an excellent decision to have them separated mostly, and then thrown together at the end for that awesome moment. But still new to each other, not having really spent any time alone together. i am excited for their adorable romance!

also did i mention that Rani's dad is really quite lovely? MANY SCENES WITH HIM, PLEASE. i actually wouldn't mind an episode (or, well, a two-episode story i suppose) focused largely on Rani and her family so we could get to know them, because they are all so pretty and exceedingly charming.

and Sarah Jane, you really just need to accept that you have become a less assy version of the Doctor and you WILL attract bright young things and lead them into terrible danger and teach them mysterious alien secrets and they'll end up having makeouts in your excessively-large home at inconvenient moments. (was anyone else terribly charmed when Rani commented on how BIG Sarah Jane's house was? I'M A GEEK, YOU KNEW THIS.)

icons i need! one with luke, and one with rani, and one for the new team. and another clyde icon because he deserves three. :D