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yeah, it's all Supernatural fic. sorry. i didn't do much this year, what with all the crazy. and by "all" i mean two, because most of my SPN WIPs are recent and i haven't yet given up hope. but one of these is from a year ago, and one's newer but would require way too much work to set it up, for far too little reward, and i care about it less than any of the other six stories i have going, so, nope.

first: the file that was originally titled "SPN FIC WHYYYYY.docx" and is now "dean is bisexual the story the journey the life.docx": this was going to be this whole big twenty-year-spanning story about dean discovering that there are other communities of hunters besides the one he came up in and knows. like for instance the communities formed by all the trauma-victims-turned-hunter who AREN'T straight white men, and in particular queer communities. i had so many notes for this and it was going to be very meaningful and have an arc and all kinds of stuff but in the end all i actually generated was this scene, which still has [[NOTES TO SELF TO FIX STUFF]] in it, because i gave up. it also has me, as usual, setting everything in and around houston whenever possible because this stupid fandom and its stupid nomadic characters requiring stupid research, ugh. also because where the fuck are all the latinos on this show, i mean, i know, wrong place to go for even the most basic level of "don't brutally murder your few occasional COCs" much less demographically correct representation, but seriously, the fuck, the U.S. does actually extend to latitudes south of 40.

content notes: use of homophobic slurs by POV character/sympathetic protagonist, plus another character. also it's SPN preseries fic so therefore child neglect & emotional abuse.

the story was gonna end with dean, sam, and cas meeting one of these guys again 20 years later and dean apologizing and getting to KNOW him and it would be so literarily satisfying and stuff )

next up: much more recent, because i ran across the idea of newly human castiel being totally fucking freaked out by having a nightmare and not even realizing what it was (in this amazing fantastic incredible fic), and i thought: that is delicious and i want more of it. more new human cas nightmares, more dean holding him, more more more more yes please. and then naturally i went and made it all miserable.

and it requires much prefatory matter )

check back this time next year for possibly tens of thousands of words of unfinished SPN fic, although hopefully not? or at least not these current tens of thousands i'm working on right now. because they're all pretty great. also FYI, i'm still gonna post finished fic here and to AO3, but if you like SPN then this tag will get you any other fic-like/unfinished/otherwise not quite postable stuff i produce. which currently means some BDSM porn and two pieces of ridiculous future-fic fluff. one has a saber-toothed tiger in it! :D? :D?
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.....the lengths I will go to to procrastinate are truly astounding, sometimes.

so you know, i was asking the other day about how all the fisting stories in SPN fandom are sam doing dean, etc.? and then i got ideas? and, uh. PORN )

AND NOW I HAVE TO WORK, oh my god, *cries*
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...HI, I HAVE A STORY. omg. I believe it was last freaking yuletide that I last did this, I am slightly nervous. Also I am posting in an LJ entry instead of on my site for the first time and it feels *extremely weird.*

TITLE: That sometime did me seek
RATING: adult
SPOILERS: ahahahahhahaaaa uh, no.
NOTES: So, this is 100% PWP, established relationship with absolutely no justification. I promise to write something with artistic value and emotional development next time. For now, there is pr0n. Betaed speedily and with great skill by [ profile] brown_betty and [ profile] chopchica; any remaining areas of suck are where I disregarded them. The title is from this poem and is *entirely* too literary for pointless smut, but I couldn't resist. Feedback positive and negative=welcome and delicious!

With naked foot, stalking in my chamber )


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