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i did not intend to stay up until almost 3 am tonight writing a poem, but life is full of surprises. this is basically a loose rewrite of the first choral ode (but the second choral poem-type thing? IDEK anymore) from Antigone, around line 340 or so in the Greek--"Many marvels walk through the world, / Terrible, wonderful, / But none more than humanity". Mostly based on my Braun translation, though I looked at a couple others. Not remotely based on the Greek, which I am no longer able to read, alas.

What Men Can Do )
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Until this morning, when I abruptly began to produce the following after a week of searching for poems to use in one class's final project, it hadn't occurred to me that perhaps the reason I stopped writing poetry is that I stopped reading poetry. This really shouldn't be the kind of thing that has to occur to someone, but then, so many of my abrupt and belated realizations are.

a poem about winter and stuff, apparently )
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as I am in a creative writing class again, I will now resume posting my efforts. This being the beginning of the semester, they are still pretty questionable.

two poem-like objects, one contains animal harm )
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Here is a fun and self-indulgent idea! I will write a poem, or at least a bit of poetry, for anyone who comments with a prompt. Prompts: a few words, an idea, an image, an actual picture, song lyrics, a vivid memory, bits of another poem, basically anything that you think someone could write poetry about. I will write at least four sonnet-lines' worth for each prompt, though it may be spread over more or fewer lines. Also the only poetry I've been reading in the past couple weeks is Blake and now Wordsworth, so, you know, be ye warned.

I don't expect to have time until this evening, though I may do a couple over lunch if I get any prompts by then.
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yeah, uh, i don't know about this one. it sort of snuck out of me. i'm not sure if it's interesting or not.

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Nov. 2nd, 2009 06:46 pm
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this week's assignment: a villanelle! yeaaah, that was fun.

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the assignment was a sonnet. in consequence, this is not good. fair warning! )

you can kind of see where i wanted to go spenserian with this but lol not NEARLY good enough. next one i want to try petrarchan, eight and six. or possibly two sextets and a delayed couplet, which is enchanting me for some odd reason.
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There are two areas of this that I don't think are very good, but for obvious reasons it's difficult to edit. Thoughts are welcome.

Observation on the Morning

The mushrooms stood like soldier bowls.
They marched in place to keep the song,
In military order. Brave
They were, and mashed to pulp before
They had a chance to step foot wrong.
This is the world we are meant to save,

The one bearing so much wide grief
It has no center. No begin,
No gristle-bones. No lips or tongue.
No bit to hold between your teeth
And keep your ribs from caving in.
No thin white hair. Bent-backed, it rubs

The rough spots, worrying its skin
Away. Entire peoples vanish
From the earth, wrapped in white sheets.
The rust breeds ants, and ants crawl in.
The rust that kisses lovely man
To bones. We made it incomplete,

We made it hasty. We had better
Jobs to do. I loved you so much,
Like the stiff, thick grass that grows
On trod ground. Alphabets love letters
Like the way I loved your touch.
You lingered acrid in my nose

Like chili juice on fingertips.
The world is not what it was once.
But save it. Put your back into it.
Punch the gravel. Chew your lip.
Because you and I have a hunch
That no one else will ever do it.
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i am currently in the most adorable little study carrel that ever there was. it makes me wish i was a grad student.

sadly/luckily there is no wireless here, so who knows when this will be posted.

--now i'm back in the regular study area, which has wireless access but so much less coziness. also, i probably will not write another four poems now that i have internet. SPEAKING OF, here are a few, hot off the griddle and riddled with bad parts:

cats, travel, surrealism, and the cool secret corridors in the mall )

poem spam

Aug. 30th, 2009 02:56 pm
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picking up the pace now. i think i've got most of the crud out, the badness now is purely my own and nothing to do with not having written in forever. another shot at the list/litany assignment.

I wanted to epigraph this one 'Go in through the eyes.' )


Aug. 29th, 2009 09:57 am
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sorry for the poetry spam. i'm feeling kind of cut off lately, so: spam. anyway this is a first go-round revision of the last thing.

90% better, but still 60% crap )
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I would create a filter for this stuff but I really don't care enough. anyway this one really is bad, though i think it has the potential for good-ness in it, and it fulfills this week's assignment for class(write a list/litany-type poem). About half of it needs to be cut away and most of the other half needs to be developed and a lot of it is in the wrong order. But I give it to you anyway! If you are wise, you will ignore it.

this one does have a title! )
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which i wrote during english class, while considering the poem that was better than the other one we were assigned, which the latter was the one under discussion at the time. i don't think it's very good, but it interests me. well, the beginning is interesting, it falls apart rather towards the end. at any rate:

no title. )
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this is the poem i just sent off to the rest of my class for workshop next week. and i am actually sort of fond of it, so i present it to you!

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