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Dec. 6th, 2007 08:12 pm

My Old Man Had a Pistol

Music: by The New Amsterdams
Fandom: Heroes
Spoilers: through 2x09
Character(s): Matt Parkman
Size: 52 MB
Notes: much thanks to [ profile] kuwdora for getting me to actually THINK about some of the clip choices that I had thrown on in a stream-of-consciousness haze. And to [ profile] unlovablehands, as usual, for watching/responding to an excessive number of drafts.

NOTE THE SPOILERS. (added for extra audience safety!)

Download: at Mediafire, or streaming on Imeem or Youtube.

There is further technical blathering and Artistic Nonsense below, which you are all ENTIRELY excused from reading. *g*

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...and, the Real Vid! Which I finished over a week ago, I've just been waiting on the music to arrive. (And there probably will be another one next week, or maybe two weeks from now. And then I will slow down. Probably.)

or, Adventures in Reading Against the Text

Music: "Jack the Giant Killer," The Nields
Fandom: Heroes
Size: 52.5 MB
Notes: Much love to [ profile] unlovablehands for watching about eighteen minutely-different versions of this and repeatedly validating me, and to [ profile] shati for a ridiculously brilliant beta. Parts of which I ignored eventually, due to being An Artiste, but I assure you any crappy parts that are left, she did her best to stop.
Feedback: Yes oh yes, ESPECIALLY technical flaws--I am so n00b--and anything else good or bad.
Warnings: rape, violence against women, gore

Download: here at Mediafire, or stream at Imeem and/or Youtube. REMASTERED VERSION AVAILABLE HERE.

I realize that as the Author, I am officially Dead, but even so I would be very grateful and, er, less tense if you would read the nattering-on below, before or after watching.

Basically: this is a constructed-reality vid. Read more... )
Did I go to class today? I did not go to class today. Instead I stayed home and made a last few tweaks on my real vid--which will be going up whenever the CD gets here, as my low-quality mp3 sounds terrible--and I also finished....this. Which is pretty much the opposite of a real vid. It's probably disqualified from LKBV status due to the song, but...well, you should figure out what you're in for by the third clip at least. *g* I've been wanting to vid this song for like two years now and I am VERY HAPPY to finally do so. (Although I still think it would make a brilliant season one SGA vid, and somebody should still do that!!)

La Resistance
Music: from the South Park movie
Fandom: Heroes
Size: 31 MB
Summary: Season one in two minutes. More or less.

Download here at Mediafire, here at MegaUpload, and streaming on Imeem or Youtube.


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