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VID: "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" (Star Trek 2009)

I thought I had this ready to upload as soon as I got home. I did not. But here it is now! I recommend downloading this even if you have the con DVDs, because the audio on them is kind of screwed up for some reason.

Title: I Just Can't Wait to Be King
Artist: Disney's The Lion King
Fandom: Star Trek 2009 movie
Size: 40 MB
Content warnings: None that I'm aware of. Specific questions about content are always welcome.
Summary: The hero's journey.

Download: right-click-save
Streaming: at Youtube

Originally premiered at Vividcon 2010. Ten thousand thanks to [personal profile] kuwdora, who made this much better than it was, and who would have made it better still had I had the patience to do everything she told me. *g* And thank you so much to everyone at Premieres who laughed at this--you made my night, and kind of my whole life :D

Previous vids can be found here.

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