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hi! i'm alive. i'm alive on tumblr mostly, and also twitter but that's locked and i suspect of very little interest to anyone. i'm back in texas with nothing to show for the past two years except half a degree that i'll never finish, a semester of student teaching in a state i'll never live in again, two pairs of winter boots and a gorgeous tailored wool coat i can no longer wear, an even deeper hatred for gigantic gulf coast roaches, and the absence of most of my books because i couldn't get everything mailed back in time. my life is a fiery ruin, i'm fairly certain i've developed a substance abuse problem, i'm reading a lot of shitty ff.n fic for a show that went off the air thirteen years ago, and i'm probably going to spend my 31st birthday inducing seizures in my brain. but at least the sun won't be setting at 4 PM this winter, so i guess that's a plus.

anyway i'm not returning to DW or anything (although i still read my flist every day), know. i'm alive, more or less. i hope you are also alive, and at least slightly less miserable than me.

(edited to add: the link to my tumblr is in my profile but please be warned it contains a lot of triggery mental illness content (depression, suicide, self harm, substance abuse). it's pretty much all tagged but that only works if you see the posts on your dash and you have some kind of tumblr blacklist app installed, so if you don't, please take care/check the "about" page first.)