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question, because i don't trust the internet: my netbook is finally dying, and as no one sells netbooks anymore, i need to find some kind of replacement laptop that's cheap and light and not a tablet. i am very, very tablet-averse, because in my experience i can't do what i need to do with a tablet. and of course all the new cheap laptops available are Windows 8 (or Chromebooks which: NO) and Windows 8 is designed for tablets and touching and blugh. But I would really rather get a new machine than something refurbished.

So, question: how much can you use Windows 8 like a normal, non-tablet computer? my specific needs usually involve having multiple documents from multiple programs all visible on the screen at the same time. and i need a normal filing/explorer system, where i can access files on their own, not just through an app. i also want the taskbar or something like it--not having to go back to a home screen every time i want to get something that's not currently onscreen. and i would really really rather use a trackpad than touch the screen.

do i have any hope? or should i go back to looking up refurbished old laptops from before the world went mad?
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I hate most of the ways Windows 8 is different from 7, but my non-touchscreen laptop runs 8 and it's totally manageable as a computer -- Windows Explorer is still a thing, there are start menus you can install, and while Chrome defaulted for me to opening outside all bounds of tab and window, I got it to act as a normal window on my desktop again after googling how. (I forget what I did though.) I basically just avoid the start screen and keep to my <8-y desktop (which does have a taskbar).

The really annoying thing for me has been a multitouch touchpad, because I haven't used a touchpad at all in years and years, and I keep accidentally doing things and then screaming, and it's making my roommates jumpy.
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Multitouch trackpads are the work of the devil and OEMs think they are a good idea is beyond me.

Oh, look! I accidentally shrunk my screen/highlighted everything/destroyed the universe!