some_stars: (northwest areas)
fifty frenchmen can't be wrong ([personal profile] some_stars) wrote2013-12-17 12:34 pm

(no subject)

1. thank you to everyone who made suggestions/solicited suggestions from others for short stories i can reference in my project!

2. i am going HOME tonight, or rather, back to texas, i don't actually have a home at this precise moment in my life, but it'll be nice to see my cat. and get away from the snow. jesus the snow it just won't stop snowing i will never survive until april.

ANYWAY, i will of course be computered up the entire time, but also working on my late final projects and catching up on some optional-but-looked-really-useful school reading, and hanging out with my mom, and planning what will hopefully be a super awesome super creepy vid to the Globe's recent Doctor Faustus. So, varying levels of hereness. I will definitely check in for Yuletide though. VERY EXCITED about Yuletide :D

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