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I think I've read more than one science fiction story written as excerpts from a dictionary or an encyclopedia, but the only one I can think of now is not a whole story but a part of The Bird is Gone: A Manifesto by Stephen Graham Jones, which would suit your needs perfectly if you needed a short novel: its narrative keeps being interrupted by folk tales and historical material in I think four different fonts, all of which helps to tell the top-level story.

I got good suggestions at my DW and LJ.

Also check out John Barth's Lost in the Funhouse. All those stories are experiments. I remember one of them is meant to be played on a tape recorder while the author stands silently next to it. He talks about the despair caused by the futility of writing, or living. He says, "I can't go on." But the tape recorder keeps spinning, right? Because what other options does it actually have? And the author, presumably, keeps standing there. And then the voice on the tape says, "I go on," and the story goes on.

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