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on the off chance that anyone cares: i am now watching Almost Human, because fuck my fucking id so hard, and posting my dumb commentary on my tumblr. why can't i get this invested in TV that isn't awful lazy offensive bullshit??? first thing i do after this semester is over, i'm going to catch up on Sleepy Hollow. i need an antidote /o\
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DORIAN! I've watched as far as episode 3 and I just get so skeeved out but everything about Dorian is wonderful and amazing, and the way he undercuts and outshines everything and everyone else on the show is just bizarre. I'd like to think that they're deliberately doing a show about slavery and the meaning of humanity, but I think that maybe Michael Ealy is doing that show and everyone else is doing a Cool Future Cops show.
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That would not surprise me. *makes a note*
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I've read that there is a Swedish show with a similar premise of a near-future or alternate present with androids that treats it much less faily and with more thought. It's called Real Humans. Haven't managed to get my hands on the episodes yet, but maybe that one would work for your id too?