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Festivids are revealed! I made "The Frug" (Once a Thief) and "My Aviator" (The Great Mouse Detective), both available here in signed and very slightly tidied-up versions, which is apparently now a tradition for me. (Well, I tidied up "The Frug," the other has no problems quite as glaring and I was just too tired to stare at it any longer.)

I feel like both were extremely obviously me for anyone familiar with my style, though of course I don't know why anyone would be. Or familiar with my vid from last year--cartoons and happy endings, basically fluffy even when there's conflict, cutting to the words or guitar rather than the drums, relatively slow cuts with more focus on internal motion, 99.5% effects-free. These are not actually all things I like about my style, but I'm just saying, I doubt this reveal comes as a great shock to anyone.

To follow: notes and stuff!

My Aviator

1. OMG THIS MOVIE. I offered it without having actually seen it--my Festivids strategy this year was to offer a shitload of safety sources (and a couple TV shows that I couldn't resist), just going down the list and looking up a description of everything under 180 minutes that sounded interesting or that I was at all familiar with, then offering all the ones I thought I'd like to see and could make something from. Now, I have no idea why I went so long in my life without seeing The Great Mouse Detective, but I am so very happy that has now been remedied. This movie is JOY.

What I fell in love with most about it, and what I tried to capture in this vid, was its gentleness. I grew up with early 90's Disney, yes, and I imprinted on it and in my heart I will always think it the best, all its ways right and true, but TGMD is a little more old-fashioned. So for about the first five minutes, that gave me difficulty--and then I fell in love. It's funny, it's sweet, it's smart (without having to be Clever), it has believable and charming characters, but it's a slower pace, less frenetic both in plot and dialogue, and audiovisually. The animation style is more like what came before than what came after, absolutely beautiful and certainly clean, but not quite as sleek and shiny. It's a soothing movie to watch, without wisecracking sidekicks or murdered parents--and let me say again that the period from The Little Mermaid to The Lion King, inclusive, is like my scripture as far as Disney is concerned. But this movie from five years and an entire era earlier just charmed me completely. It has so much sweetness, and so little meanness, and now it also has a little piece of my heart.

2. I realized when I was just about finished, and rewatching some favorite vids to cheer myself up on some crappy day or another, that [personal profile] settiai is the one who introduced me to Zoey Van Goey in the first place, with her absolutely delightful You Told the Drunks I Knew Karate. So...full circle? Or something? The magic of fandom, that's what I'll call it.

The Frug

1. OMG THIS SHOW. I will confess, I had the seed of this vid already in my mind before I even signed up for Festivids, and I scanned all the Dear Festividder letters to see who'd requested what I offered, and started working on it before my assignment came. So then I had to put it aside for a while, but I decided if I could get it done by the deadline then I'd submit it as a Treat. Because [personal profile] fan_eunice got me watching the show, and brought endless hours of joy into my life--seriously, it is so much fun, if you're for some reason reading this without having watched it you should remedy that--and then even more joy by talking with me about how what this show needs is a threesome, so I wanted to make her something, ideally a threesome. Which are freaking hard to find songs for, btw, but I think (hope) this one worked.

2. Vidding TV back when everything was 4:3 on small sets is HARD. Half the significant moments I remembered and went looking for turned out to be filmed entirely as "CU on A's face, cut to CU of B's face, CU of A's hand doing something, cut to CU of B taking something"--so rarely just two (or more) people all in shot doing something. This drove me completely crazy until I realized it was because most people in 1996 were watching it on square sets a little bigger than my current computer monitor, but from much further away and with a lower-quality picture. Then it continued to drive me crazy, but at least I understood.

Also I realized this is probably a significant and unheralded reason why older TV is often so over-the-top slashy--if you want to get two people's faces both in shot, they have to stand ridiculously fucking close together. There are several OaT moments that I don't think would have had nearly as much chemistry between Mac and Vic if they hadn't been practically breathing on each other. To say nothing of every other character on the show--though I'm pretty sure with the Director it was just a characterization choice. Oh man, the Director vid I didn't make as a third Festivid is burning a hole in my mental pocket. Someday! (The quote I'd use at the beginning: "I have never lost a steel cage match.")

ON WHICH NOTE, btw, I would like to rec the amazing amazing Director/Mac vid that someone DID make, which I held off reccing or even commenting on for fear of making myself even more identifiable than I already was. Mean Woman Blues by [ profile] jetpack_monkey: it is amazing and hilarious and sexy and all kinds of perfection.

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