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vid/fanfic master list

Here's everything I've made that I actually don't mind people looking at, organized by year because there's not that much of it.

As of mid-2010, I've started using warnings on everything I post. I will always warn (on newer things with warnings) for consent issues and sexual violence, extreme violence of any kind, and major character death. If something older doesn't have a "content notes/warnings" line, or if you have additional questions about anything old or new, just leave a comment and I'll answer.

This is no longer being updated, because everything goes on AO3 now.

Everything before 2010 has some kind of serious technical problem, because I am a very slow learner and then my monitor broke and I didn't realize and it's all just a mess. Please watch charitably.

I have no permanent hosting space, but I'm happy to reupload any vid upon request.

Storms Were Mine, Supernatural

A Thousand Suns, Supernatural

White Cedar, Les Miserables (2012)
No More Sad Songs, Donald Strachey Mysteries

My Aviator, The Great Mouse Detective
The Frug, Once a Thief

Waking Up in Vegas, The Road to El Dorado

I Just Can't Wait to Be King, Star Trek (2009)
Oasis Hotel (remastered), Torchwood
On Your Wings, Doctor Who (classic)
Jack, or, Adventures in Reading Against the Text (remastered), Heroes
Me & My 424, Dark Angel

Miss World, Criminal Minds

Dilaudid, Iron Man
Sweet Baby, Supernatural
Devotion, Heroes

My Old Man Had a Pistol, Heroes
La Resistance, Heroes

This is no longer being updated, because everything goes on AO3 now.

A lot of my older stuff is no longer online (because I don't like it, mostly). If you want a copy of something that's not listed here, just let me know and I'll send it to you, but please don't pass it around or upload it anywhere.

My rating scheme is as follows--
adult: explicit sex (or, in theory, explicit extreme violence, but that's probably never going to happen)
teen: less-explicit but significant sex and violence, disturbing/adult concepts
all ages: may contain kissing and swearing, nothing explicit or very sexual, no major violence

the agony of de-sweet, Supernatural
Summary: "Candy Land isn't supposed to be all soft and cuddly. It's supposed to teach you about life." (Dean/Castiel & ensemble gen; all ages probably, who even knows)

Go where it doth deserve, Supernatural
Summary: It’s been almost three hundred years when Castiel finally dies, but his memory, like the rest of him, is perfected. He knows his brother’s light. (Castiel, sort of gen sort of not??; all ages)

boom de yada, Supernatural
Summary: "You know, humans are one of the few primates that don't possess penis bones." (Dean/Castiel; adult)

Effanineffable, Supernatural
Summary: "If you're not careful, you might have to put a nickel in the swear jar." (Donna Hanscum/Jody Mills; adult)

Long black night, morning frost, Les Miserables
Summary: I'm still here, but all is lost. (Enjolras/Grantaire sort of; adult)

felt it in my fists, Teen Wolf
Summary: The first thing Lydia learns about Allison--this new Allison--is that she’s a total drill sergeant. (Allison/Lydia; adult)

Our bodies touch and the angels cry, Teen Wolf
Summary: All signs seemed to point to Dude Virginity Loss Imminent. (Derek/Stiles; adult; ridiculous)

So quietly to catch, The Avengers (2012)
Summary: After the Loki situation, SHIELD takes them both off active duty for a few weeks. (Clint and Natasha; gen or possibly het smarm; all ages)

Emergency Pants, The Avengers (2012)
Summary: "Were you worried?" Tony says. "That's sweet. That is always so adorable when the big guy worries about me." (Bruce/Tony; adult)

Sweet to serve, sweet to cry, X-Men: First Class (2011)
Summary: How did it take him this long to understand what he wants? (Erik/Charles; teen)

Too magical to touch, Glee
Summary: Kurt finds Finn's porn. Predictable consequences ensue. (Kurt; adult)

Darling, if you only knew, Glee
Summary: Puck's pretty sure Kurt doesn't want rose petals. (Puck/Kurt; adult)

Water like a stone, Glee
Summary: Kurt has trauma, Blaine has issues, and Christmas Eve day may or may not be a big moneymaker for family shows. (AKA, a fix-it fic for the Christmas episode that just got way out of hand.) (Kurt/Blaine; all ages)

Blows me home, The Vampire Diaries
Summary: It isn't a surprise. (Damon/Stefan; adult)

What falls away, The Vampire Diaries
Summary: The only people in the world. (Stefan/Katherine/Damon and permutations; adult)

The absolute absurdity of end-series items, House of Leaves (Mark Z. Danielewski)
Summary: The materials following have been reconstructed to the best of our ability. (Gen; teen; probably my favorite thing I've ever written)

Big Love, Dark Angel
Summary: They tell time different in TC, now. (Joshua; gen; all ages)

Probabilities in View, Dark Angel
Summary: "Lest men should think your tale untrue, / Keep probability in view." (Alec/Max/Original Cindy; adult)

My nest of mercies, Doctor Who (classic & new)
Summary: "You've heard that nonsense about stepping on a butterfly?" (Ace/Harriet Jones; all ages)

On our finger the ring awakes, Superman Returns (2006)
Summary: Lois never left a decision unmade. (Lois/Richard; adult)

That sometime did me seek, Supernatural
Summary: ...there is none, it's just porn, seriously. (Sam/Dean; adult)

All virtue, Stargate: Atlantis
Summary: "In the winter, warmth stands for all virtue." (Rodney and Ronon; gen; all ages)

Such deliberate disguises, Batman Begins (2005)
Summary: Between the emotion / and the response / falls the Shadow. (Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow; gen; teen)

Two-color dog happiness, Stargate: Atlantis
Summary: I asked people to post pictures of cute baby animals and pick someone from Atlantis to be turned into them. Thus resulted the following. (Ensemble gen and John/Rodney; all ages)

Just a part of you, Legion of Superheroes (post-Zero Hour reboot)
Summary: Something is changing inside of them. (Triad f/f/f; adult)

Batter my heart, three-personed God, for you, Stargate: SG1
Summary: Dearly I love you, and would be lov'd fain. (Teal'c/Apophis; adult)

Souvenirs, due South
Summary: Two stories about a marriage. (RayK/Stella; all ages)

The glory of the hummingbird, Harry Potter
Summary: My heart's exactly where it's always been. (Peter/Remus; all ages)