Jan. 31st, 2015


Jan. 31st, 2015 04:49 pm
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so this year i got THREE (3) VIDS, because i continue to be the luckiest person in the world (i got two vids each of the last two festivids i did before this, i still have no idea why i have been so blessed). and they're all from sources i didn't expect at all and they're SO FANTASTIC and you should all watch them immediately.

first there are the TWO Kristen Stewart RPF vids, both of which are a delight with perfect music choices and an amazing variety of footage all of it featuring Kristen Stewart's perfect perfect face doing all kinds of perfect things: Do It Like A Dude and Goes Like This

then there is the Syberia vid--THE SYBERIA VID, the fucking Syberia vid that i request every single year and never ever actually expect anyone to match on, much less make, much less make this spectacularly: Dolores

and this vid wasn't made for me, but whoever made it was pinch-hitting for me after i defaulted late and they made sure my recipient got a gift with only a few weeks left, so therefore they're my personal hero this year, PLUS it's a gorgeous beautiful sweet Saving Face vid that i could watch a hundred times and still want more: She Keeps Me Warm

i still have so many vids to watch and so much feedback to leave (including...a couple of these, i accidentally locked myself out of my computer all afternoon and my brain is really not on right now and also i suck), and so many wonders await me, but all four of these vids are magnificent and i'm so happy they all exist and you should all go watch them, right now. watch them a lot.


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