Nov. 17th, 2013

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So my tragically mismanaged "technology in education" mini-course ordered me to make a video--the assumption being I would shoot some random crap on my phone, then use iMovie and throw some pre-made titles and wipes on top and be done with the whole thing in two hours. Being a crazy person, I took about eighteen. But I think it came out pretty great!

(One caveat: if shaky-cam movies make you sick, you definitely shouldn't watch this. I've never actually shot my own footage before except a few seconds of a cute squirrel or something, so it wasn't until I got back home and had wasted my only available slot all week of "near home, free time, reasonable amount of sunlight" that I realized: pressing 'record' on a five-ounce phone and then walking around and climbing rocks and stuff while just...holding it in one hand is not an optimal strategy. The first half is especially bad. Just pretend it's an artistic statement.) (Also apparently my phone was recording at 28 fps, which, uh, what the actual fuck, Apple, who even does that??)

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