Oct. 20th, 2013

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So I'm sitting here, feeling bad and waiting for my shitty tacos to arrive, flipping through my TV and movies folders for something unstressful and undemanding and unimportant to watch. And I notice this David Attenborough documentary I downloaded a while ago, "Frozen Planet", basically like Planet Earth and Life but for cold places. And this seems the exact right level of engaging and relaxing, pretty pictures and soothing voices and no plot or characters. So I fire it up...and after about twenty seconds of narration I realize my error. Guys, this is the most depressing nature documentary ever. That was probably already obvious to anyone with sense, but I am not such a person, and I somehow forgot exactly how bad polar bears make me feel now.

To his credit, he only mentions the whole "and this will all melt away within a generation and there will be no more of it, ever again" issue every ten minutes or so. But I know. Polar bears :(

(However, I was compensated with the moment where the camera lingers on two polar bears fucking as David Attenborough solemnly intones, "Few have witnessed this moment...")


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