Sep. 29th, 2013

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Okay guys, my nomination of Ravenous for Yuletide has been officially approved, everyone's homework is now to read it (if you like surprisingly delightful novella-length M/F/M erotica about vampire pirates, yes it's an erotica e-book by and for straight women but I promise it's worth the $3.50), and then offer it for Yuletide and write me fic. Or just write me fic, that's cool too. Did you want it for Nook instead? You can have it for Nook. Or I'll convert your copy into whatever format Calibre can make that you can read. I really want people to write fic for this book, okay. And to actually buy it, because non-offensive, actually appealing threesome erotica profic is so VANISHINGLY rare, we really should encourage it.

(Sadly I can't really recommend the author's other stuff, although I haven't read any of the strictly het stories or anything she writes under her non-porn name. But as far as her not-M/F erotica--I wouldn't call it queer--the rest of it is just really pedestrian, enjoyable only in comparison to the other entrants in the field, most of whom literally can't even spell.) (But the vampire pirate threesome book is DELIGHTFUL. Not 'great', I wouldn't go that far, but: delightful.)


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