Sep. 24th, 2013

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oh god dammit, two of the three main textbooks for this course are written by the same person and she apparently has a personal vendetta against people with ADHD. There is not one single page of actual continuous text in either book, ever--it's just an endless mush of lists and charts and boxes and then maybe two normal paragraphs, followed by more boxes and a series of symbols and then restating the contents of those two actual paragraphs as a list full of sentence fragments and then more charts and THIS IS NOT A THING I CAN READ. I don't know how anyone could read this. I'm going to run through my entire supply of "occasionally as needed" Klonopin just trying to cope with the readings each week.

I mean--is this shit actually helpful to normal-brained people? I understand the purpose of breaking up the solid stream of text to a certain extent but there is no stream here, no sequence or even a coherent way to move your eyes down and across the page. It's ridiculous. Why won't you let me hyperfocus >:(


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