Sep. 9th, 2013

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So it turns out I actually need my medication! I know, I was surprised too, apparently it does in fact do stuff in there. --I didn't skip the antidepressants, I'm not that stupid, but I'm going to run out of ADHD pills a couple days (possibly) before I can get more, thanks to the extremely slow machinations of the student health center, and I wanted to make sure I would have them for Monday through Friday, and I never notice any major problems when I accidentally skip one day. So I skipped the whole weekend, and Sunday...was lost. Which really sucks because I needed to do laundry, among a million other things. But I just could not stay conscious, and then I took two hours to get up this morning. I don't usually get all precious about "oh no how terrible to be ~dependent~ on ~pills~ for the rest of my life," which is why I generally have no problems taking them regularly. But man, it fucking sucks to be dependent on pills when they're a controlled substance and you don't have full control over obtaining them. I really needed that Sunday :/
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went to my m.a. seminar today and oh my god i have SO MUCH WORK this semester, just SO MUCH, and i can’t even get dishes washed fast enough to keep my fridge from filling up with them, how am i ever going to do this, what made me think this was even remotely possible :( plus i think i have to give up on trying to turn this surprise ipad into a netbook replacement, because i forgot that the one thing it won’t let me do and the one thing i most NEED to do is look at multiple documents in multiple programs simultaneously. like i can’t be writing an annotated bibliography entry on some article and have to completely close out of the text editor to look at the PDF and then close the PDF to start writing again. that is not a viable plan. but the netbook is so gross and slow and heavy, and the ipad is so sexy :( plus i’ve already dropped like fifty bucks on accessories and apps :( :( :(


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