Aug. 28th, 2013

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public transit story: i totally saved some girls from a bad day in maybe the creepiest way possible today! you know how, when you're on a train/bus/whatever and people are having a normal-volume conversation one foot away from you, you can hear every word and--if your brain processes sound like mine--are incapable of not listening in as if it were a TV show, at least for a while, but everyone maintains the polite fiction at all times that this isn't happening and we're all in separate bubbles? well, i broke the bubble. they'd said ten minutes ago in passing that they wanted a certain stop (and their conversation made it clear that they didn't know their way around this area at all yet), and we were at that stop and they didn't notice and there was no time to be apologetic and polite about it. it came out in the most creeper way possible too, i think i said "didn't you say you wanted ---?" like i had been a legitimate part of the conversation, ugh. but if i were them i would be more grateful then creeped out, so on the whole i feel good about it. there are many things to feel good about today, if my home weren't infested with vermin.


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