Aug. 22nd, 2013

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In assuming-I-survive news, I would really like to help Bluestockings enlarge their disability studies section! It's kind of tiny right now, even by tiny bookstore standards. I don't know much about this topic in depth, myself--I don't know much about anything to the extent that I could recommend specific books--but I know some of y'all do. So to anyone interested: if you were in charge of stocking this section at a small radical bookstore, what are some books you would definitely want to have? Or even some books that aren't necessarily must-haves but are interesting and good. I'm looking for all kinds of titles here, theory and practical books and history and memoirs and especially anything intersectional.
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I started playing Dragon Age 2 because fuck everything else in the whole world, plus I finally got up the energy to figure out how to not pay for it (because really, blugh). The dialogue wheel of mystery is not quite as upsetting as I thought it would be, but there have been a couple unpleasant surprises already, and I don't feel nearly as attached to Hawke as I did to my Wardens--it's more like playing an adventure game, with a protagonist that I can influence but not actively create.

However, I hate hate hate hate the whole interface, moving around and leveling up and changing party members and everything. Every part of it. It's so obviously designed for consoles and it looks terrible on a computer screen, it's stupidly difficult to work with, and moving the characters around gives me motion sickness because you can't get a steady aerial view. And it's incredibly disorienting and the maps are unhelpful and there's just way too many quests thrown at you all at once. I don't think the designers understood what people mean when they praise games for being "non-linear." And just, blugh, every part of every location looks the same. Also what is this "home base" nonsense, and come to that why can't I change my party whenever I want to, and, and, uuugggghhhh, so many terrible ideas. I've already had one fight where everyone ran off into separate rooms--on separate floors--and two of them got stuck trying to attack through a wall, and I couldn't move one without the other running back to the wall. It was the single stupidest gaming experience I have ever had. Also, wow, the combat is fucking ridiculous, I hope the entire team was ashamed of themselves.

The characters are all right, though. I am pleased with my first Hawke--I'm doing a dude first because replaying Awakening (also shit! but not actually nauseating) made me want to try the Anders romance, and I prefer to avoid hetero nonsense if possible. Next is an Angry Lady Hawke. And then I don't think I will want to play again.


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