Aug. 16th, 2013

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this is an email i just sent to my mom which i am too exhausted to edit. necessary background information: the laundry room in my building has been closed for the past two weeks, so we have to go to one of the two adjacent buildings to do laundry. i have postponed this as long as possible in the hopes of just waiting out the repairs entirely, since our room is supposed to reopen next week, but i just didn't have enough underwear, and then i was grossly busy and tired for two days running, so i absolutely 100% had to do laundry today if i wanted to leave home at all this weekend. so i sucked it up and went down there and ran into about eight hundred problems: the card machine only takes five dollar bills! the card machine for the other building has been removed entirely! the add-value machine that's supposed to take credit cards is not doing this! except stretched out over several more steps (including several literal steps, or at least an impossibly steep ramp) that are too tedious and miserable to recount. i finally get clothing into the washing machines and come back upstairs and call my mom and express misery until the timer goes off and i have to go move stuff into the dryer. AND THEN:

also the workmen repairing the facade for the past month and the next two months just reached my window, no more natural light for meeeee (this is not directly related except insofar as the building is clearly trying to kill me) (anyway begin email) )


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