Aug. 13th, 2013

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man, if I'm gonna sublimate my mounting anxiety into getting nostalgic about old fandoms and rereading/rewatching stuff, why's it gotta be Stargate? I've watched so much good stuff! Well. Some good stuff. At some point, I'm sure. And early SG-1 is pretty darn fine for what it is, but Atlantis is indefensible, and also it's not like I have time to be marathoning stuff right now anyway. And yet I am compelled.

(Actually now I'm searching my memory for better fandoms that I was really seriously in and that I didn't re-marathon in the past year and that I'm not still somehow engaged in, like Doctor Who. And...welp. Yeah. Now I'm just grateful I don't feel any intense urges to rewatch Supernatural. Not that I would give in to those urges if I had them, anyway. death first)


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