Aug. 8th, 2013

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My internet continues to be 90% broken, in that it's running slower than my phone and mostly can't load Tumblr and takes actual minutes to load other, less demanding pages. (And then occasionally it just....stops.) In possibly related news, I am having a REALLY hard time waiting to get a cat. The theoretical plan is to wait until the end of September, see what my schedule feels like and whether it's a good idea, and then possibly acquire one. But I want a cat NOW, and forever, and ever, starting immediately. And I genuinely cannot judge if it's a good idea or not.
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"the exterminator is coming to the building 9 to 12 tomorrow morning will you be home" "yes certainly this is acceptable my presence is assured"

wake up at 8:45, no time to shower, w/e w/e who cares if exterminator thinks i am a gross person

it is 1:25 i am too gross to go downstairs and ask the desk guy wtf but scared to shower until at least 2


also it took over a minute to load the update page


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fifty frenchmen can't be wrong

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