Jul. 31st, 2013

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fyi if there's been any great "welcome to night vale" fic posted in the last 2 weeks, i almost certainly did not see it, and anyone who recced it to me would receive my blessing on their heads.

i'm starting to come up out of the pit i fell into this weekend, a little bit. so that's nice. i still have 28 items on my to-do list for the next two weeks, though. and money is...troubling. not in a real sense, obviously, because parents. just that making every single decision about everything with budget brain engaged is hard--not just comparing prices and deciding not to get stuff, but prioritizing tasks that will lead indirectly to saving money (ex: shopping for a steamer so cooking will be easier so I won't be tempted to order in if i'm even a little tired), just this constant ongoing mental calculus about literally every choice i make, which i realize is how normal grownup people live all the time, but i am not one of those yet, possibly ever. and it's hard.

also for no conceivable reason at all, this morning in the shower i started thinking about my previous, dead cat, and then i was crying while soapy which is the worst way to be while crying.

(i say 'morning', it was 1 pm. last night presented some difficulties.)


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