Jul. 18th, 2013

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Why did I decide not to bring my cat, what a terrible stupid idea :( I'm feeling so abruptly and crushingly lonely that I was actually contemplating going out to a bar or something, and then I remembered that I only have slobby clothes until (hopefully) Monday, and not enough of them anyway, and also I am coated in grime from doing three little errands in this unholy and inhuman heat. The non-Whole Foods supermarket only had small expensive jars of peanut butter and this just about pushed me over the edge. (I was already close to said edge from accidentally looking at the pet care aisles at Whole Foods and the drugstore.) I want my cat and I want it to not be 98 degrees and I want my real computer so I can type without giving myself a cramp and I want central air that doesn't roar all day like the window units do and I want my favorite beer for less than $11 a sixpack. I don't exactly want to go home, but I am not looking forward to the next six weeks of aimless heat exhaustion.

(It will probably get cooler. It can't stay this temperature all through August, can it? That doesn't happen up here, right? Lies are welcome.)

(--oh, but I just discovered that liquor stores up here are open on Sunday. That's pretty awesome. Nothing will ever replace Spec's in my heart, of course. Nor would it in yours if you had ever been there.)


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